2 Weddings, A Birthday, & A Visit

Weddings, Birthdays, Visits


 Two of my friends just got married. I am really happy for them. The first one’s a high school friend. If you look from afar, you’ll never guess we’ve had a history of being close.  Our world seems to be just far from each other…so far and yet we’ve had a really sweet and short chance to be really friends. Those were the days when our messages were secretly passed through a piece of paper. No gadgets, no internet. Just a piece of paper full of encouraging words to strengthen each other. I just love everything that happened that time. It’s a friendship I’ll be treasuring forever. To see her pictures finally getting married is such a bliss. =)

Love is patient.001

The second wedding, is of a couple with a love story worth sharing. They’ve liked (I’m sure) each other for a very long time, yet they’ve waited…waited…waited for the perfect time. The other went with other temporary ‘loves’ -maybe doubted the other’s true feelings. After many years (more than 7, I think). They’ve finally gotten into a relationship last year and is now married. I’m am just really more than happy for these two. There are those couples you just really want to end up together, right?! =) They’re one of those couples. =)
Blog Photos- Love.001


I think I should really be careful of what I wish or pray for. Just last week, my friend from the Philippines went to Jeddah for a work-related visit. It was beyond my imagination for some of my friends to finally make their first steps in this land. To have a great time with my friends in the Philippines is something I’ve longed for. =) I just spent like 5-6 hours with them in my last vacation, and this is such a great gift from above. =) An added bonus was that she was stranded here for another day,  which gave us more time to tour Jeddah. A blessing in disguise. =) Thank you, Lord! =)

See maps/links of thse places we’ve visited:

Al Ballad, Jeddah- Ballad map
Red Sea Mall- Red Sea Mall website
Jeddah Mall- Jeddah Mall map
Ikea, Jeddah- Ikea, Jeddah website
atchi, Jeddah– Patchi Store

Ballad, Jeddah
Thalia, Jeddah
Jeddah Mall
Jeddah’s famous fountain
Ikea, Jeddah
Red Sea mall


Hosted and helped with the preparations of Hazel’s 7th birthday party. I’ve learned many lessons here when it comes to event planning and task distribution during this event.


Some shots which were used for the hanging decorations. Major tip when taking pirctures of kids: Let them play! =) You can get the smiles from there. =)





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