Reasons Why Kids Should Visit Their Parents’ Provinces

It’s very common for Filipinos to visit their parents’ provinces especially during holidays and school breaks.

I have countless memories of my childhood vacations at my grandparents’ place in Laguna. There was this time when my cousins and I just walked to the tree covered hills, found a rushing river where kids were swimming and moms were washing clothes nearby. It was such a happy moment for us. As if we’ve discovered an oasis in the middle of a desert. A true treasure in the middle of the forest. You don’t experince that in the city. The city gives lessons to kids, but that’s for a different post. =) So, how can these visits help our kids or us?

What benefits can these visits do?

1. Reunions and Relationships.
Visits like these help bond a toddler’s relationship with grand or great grandparents as well as cousins and other ‘far away’ relatives. 🙂 haha remember those introductions? Ito yung malayo mong kamag-anak, or pangalawang pinsan, etc.

Visits are not only for the kids, but for adults as well. This is a great way to resolve conflicts, or let them melt once grandmas and grandpas hug the kids and parents. Let happiness be felt in every visit. Forgive any misunderstanding and don’t let the hurts and conflicts be passed onto the kids or the next generation.

My 3 yr. old son with his great grandma (83 yrs,old). =)

2. Lessons & Learnings

Most provinces in the Philippines hold very historical treasures in them. Don’t let the visits pass, without them knowing some great information about their provinces.

Ex. In Nagcarlan, Laguna is an underground cemetery….
in Kawit, Cavite you can review about the revolution. You can ask your kid what he or she can remember from history lessons about Bulacan and other historical places.

Monasterio De Tarlac
Norhtern Luzon Command, Camp Aquino in Tarlac is just less than 5 minutes away from our place. This was last year. My sons saw the ammunition and other historical things used in the war and field by our military.

More Camp Aquino photos here

Kids remember well through this. Let it be like a field trip for them.

Visiting provinces can be a great way for kids to learn about food. =) There are local cuisines that are cooked differently in the place where they became famous. =)

Mabolo fruit

Warning: Don’t pressure them in remembering the information. Do everything in a fun and adventurous way.

3. Experiences and Environment Awareness
Visiting provinces is a perfect way to let our kids experience something new. They can swim in the sea, go up the hill, try different dishes, learn a new dialect, and many more.

Recently, I’ve had a post about climbing the Tayak, hill in Laguna.  It was a great experience for us. More than the climb, there was a point where the movies they’ve seen can be integrated to their actual experiences. Like the movie Lorax speaks of how to take care of trees. This is a great way to remind kids of how to take care of their surroundings.


See photos of our visit to Tarlac Recreational Park

Maybe you are very hesitant to bring your kids to your provinces for some personal reasons. Whatever those reasons are, just remember the great experiences you’ve had as a child. I’m sure you’d love your child to create wonderful and happy memories in those places, too. =)

21 thoughts on “Reasons Why Kids Should Visit Their Parents’ Provinces

  1. I used to be envious of friends who had provinces, parang they have a back story of their origins. Ako kasi wala eh, my parents were both born and raised in Manila. Walang relatives elsewhere. Baduy.

    Kakainggit na may province kayong *home*

    Love, didi

  2. Yes I agree na dapat e explore din natin ang ang anak natin sa province. Every year nag babakasyon din kami sa province. Our kids they will learn a lot from our province at mag eenjoy sila sa environment na wala sa city 🙂 Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience mommy!

  3. Hay yes! I remember that provincial trips were learning experiences for me as a child. However, my parents now live in Manila and Laguna lang naman ang province ni hubby, so there’s not much exposure to anything different for the kids. 🙁 We really have to make extra effort to take them somewhere farther.

  4. We used to always go to Laguna (my Mom’s province) every year with the whole clan (as in ang dami namin). But as we grew older, we stopped going. It was only this year for Holy Week that all of us came back. We remembered why we go out of town. It’s good to be around family! I can’t wait for next year!

  5. I agree to this! Once my baby is born I plan to do this, only if our clan in Cebu is still there hehe. But since we live in husband’s hometown, baby will get to know the other side of the family. Maybe we can just explore Cebu and other provinces on our family trips.

  6. I agree to this! Once my baby is born I plan to do this, only if our clan in Cebu is still there hehe. But since we live in husband’s hometown, baby will get to know the other side of the family. Maybe we can just explore Cebu and other provinces on our family trips.

  7. We super agree! That’s why when an opportunity comes, we make sure we bring Baby Charley to Batangas, especially to the beach. We also wanna visit other provinces too. 🙂

  8. We went back to my husband’s province when my daughter was just two. She loved it there and we are planning to go back soon.


  9. Wow! Nice entry (: We already live in the province and we are still living with our parents. It’s nice to get to know your relatives.

  10. I so agree! I’ve always wanted to visit my mom’s province but she never got to take us. I’m so curious about what her life was like growing up. I hope that I’ll be able to take my kids there someday.

  11. I made sure that i brought my kids and husband in my province, La Union so that they can learn more about where i grew up from and to also introduce them to my relatives. It’s a nice experience as a bonding time, travelling and ofcourse learning.

  12. when we are still kids we used to visit our provinces also since now that my grandparents died na lucky that we maintain the house and we still have a small farm in the province kaya once in a while we go home. We want my son to experience the life in the province and something that they are looking forward

  13. i strongly agree with you mum. it really is a must that we bring our little one’s to the parents’ provinces. it will be a very entertaining + educational undertaking for them. and, yes, children seem to have an uncanny ability to remember details of travels as what my little man would do at times.

  14. Totally agree with you Girl… This is one of the values that I wanted to instill to my daughter. I’m excited to bring her to finally meet her Lola and see Philippines this year! I am really glad to have found your Blog. Its amazing! I look forward to read more on your page.

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