5 Important Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Business or Site

Most bloggers are really fine on not sharing their posts on social media. They just write their thoughts out, they don’t care who reads it. It’s a common reaction for them to  feel shy or embarrassed once people close to them start reading their blogs. It can be pretty awkward when people start telling them “Oh, I’ve read your posts about…” In bloggers’ minds they want to say “Oh , just read it please.. let’s not talk about it…” but of course they’ll just politely say,  “thank you.” =)

FB page now has template options

The game changes, however,  once you dare take the step on monetizing your site. (Wait, you can earn while blogging?!) Yes, you can!  Well, if you want to start monetizing (earning while blogging) your blog, you’ve got to just increase those numbers (followers, likes, shares, etc.) through social media interaction. Here is where a Facebook Page comes handy and important. That is, if you want to earn, if not, you can continue being invisible in the sea of websites and blogs. =) (You can participate in WordPress Blogging University and Community Pool, Daily Prompts, Photo Challenges, etc. where you can interact with other creative people who love sharing their passion to others.

WordPress: Blogging University Free Courses

*Plus, according to Facebook policy, if you choose to merge your FB page to your personal FB account, posts from your personal account will not be carried over to the page.  Also, you cannot use your Personal Facebook profile for business, so you really need to use FB page.


Most people who have blogs or business pages have this hate-love relationship with Facebook. They hate using Facebook because of all the negative vibes they see in their timeline, but love it because of the engagement and interaction it gives from users. So they keep using Facebook for the sake of interacting with groups through Facebook page. More interaction, more traffic, more chances of earning. Just think of all the viral videos people are doing. Some people intentionally do it, because the more people who view it, the more traffic they get, then advertisers hunt them for collaboration. It can be brow-raising especially when silly videos are being used to make a business, but…that’s how it goes. That’s how this internet business goes. Here’s how viral videos make money according to TIME.

Scheduled posts
This is one of the most important things for site owners. In Facebook page, you can schedule when your posts are going to appear. This is particularly important if your target audience is awake when it’s time for you to sleep. In scheduled posts, you can tell FB to make a specific post appear let’s say 5am so that it will be 5pm on your targeted audience’s time zone.

You can prepare posts that will appear on your FB page timeline for one month or more. This is helpful if you are going on vacation. Your readers will still be able to read posts or updates from your blog. It’s a great time to have some throwback posts from time to time.

Statistics/ Analytics/ Tracking
You can view the number of shares, likes, graphs, etc. in FB page, which you can’t see in a personal FB page. Once you’ve shared your post on FB page, you can easily track it. The number of interactions: likes, shares, comments. If you are monetizing your blog, this analytics capability will help  you track which topics gain more interactions, thus increasing posts with such topics. If you have a business page, you’ll see which products customers like the most.

You can see below how far this post has reached on FB. 16,000 + and counting

No too personal stuff
When you have a few followers, sharing personal stuff from time to time in your FB page is not a problem, but when you reach thousands, you will soon feel the need to separate the personal posts from the FB page. This will also filter spam, trolls, haters from intruding your personal inbox.

Customize your settings and notifications

Reviews and Promotion

If you have a business, having a Facebook page allows your customers to leave reviews which can then encourage future buyers of your products. You can now use Facebook page to promote your products or page. It will instantly promote on FB and Instagram. This one comes with payment but very minimal.

Re-post/ Group Sharing Without Flooding Your Friend’s timeline

Once you’ve shared your blog post through your Facebook page, you can keep on reposting it in different groups you are in (even in closed groups) without flooding your and your friend’s timeline. Now, you might think that flooding your friend’s timeline will increase potential traffic. Yes and no. Yes, it will increase traffic for some time, but they will eventually want to unfollow you because of the unwanted feeds. If you post on targeted groups who are really interested in your posts (example: fashion, technology, blogging, gardening, crafts, make-ups) then you’ll increase the number of sales and not just the traffic, because they are the ones who will buy.

Have you been using Facebook page for your business or blog? How has it helped your site’s traffic? Feel free to leave your reply below. Plus, if you have an FB page, you can drop your links below so I can visit or like them. =)


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13 thoughts on “5 Important Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Business or Site

  1. It’s certainly important to have a facebook page to promote your blog/business so that it reaches the correct targeted audience. I have been having one since I started the blog however I do know that the rubics changes a lot and now the outreach on it is more limited then before.

  2. I dont have a facebook page for my blog before. I dont find its importance that time. But then, good thing I was enlightened thus created an account. And I must say my fb page is instrumental in sharing my blog post and in connecting with other bloggers.

    1. I was reluctant at first as well. Just made it at first to separate it from my personal page. It has been very helpful in reaching out to targeted audience. =)

  3. I created my blog’s FB page soon after I started monetizing my site. It really is helpful in getting the word out there that I have published a new blog post. One thing I need to work on though is getting more engagement on my FB page.

  4. I don’t have a fb page yet , but reading your post , its encouraging me to do so , I am just afraid because of the negative comments , or spams , or haters , you know 

    1. haha. that’s also the reason why it took me time to launch mine, but I realized there will always be people who will say bad things about you and you just have to keep on moving forward. haha

  5. I created blog’s FB page just at the beginning. Recently hit 1000 followers. I agree with your point of view on its importance. Great post! Search by The Pink Dazzle, if you want to visit sometime.

  6. You have offered valid points in favor of Facebook listing, though as you said, brands are a bit susceptible of being on social media. Primarily due to the dent in reputation that it causes time and again! I think a big component of social media for the brands is social media listening tools as well which can offer a part of the issues related to reputation management. Thanks for sharing an informative post.

  7. Very good reasons! My main reason is interaction: To get to know your audience, interact and create loyalty. Statistics are also so important! With the right use of data you learn so much about your customers.

  8. I work in online marketing and I strongly recommend to all our clients to have Facebook Pages. These days people are more likely to use social media to contact a business rather than make phone calls and communication has become bidirectional between a brand and its consumers. Also, customer service has moved online and a Facebook page makes it so much easier.

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