Bakemate, Jeddah

Bakemate is a shop in Jeddah that supplies baking tools and ingredients. It is between McDonald’s and Cake Arts in Quraish street.

Who should go to this place?

  • This place is great for people who have businesses related to baking or cooking if you need some dairy products for your recipes.
  • It is also for those who need to bake for an event that would require the use of an ingredient 2-3x.  This is the place to go to.
  • For people whose hobby is baking. This is heaven for you. haha

Anyway, here are some of the products:

Cake mix & fondant

For the cake mix, the price usually range from 10-30 riyals. There’s red velvet cake mix, croissant mix, bread mix, strawberry cheesecake mix, etc.

Baking tools
Cake decorating tools and cupcake liners
Cake letters for decoration

Some of the decorating tools are pricey, but reasonable price since you won’t easily find them in other places.

plastic spoons and containers
Cupcake liners

The cupcake liners, containers for desserts are usually below 30 riyals for 500-1000 plus pieces. Not bad at all. They don’t have too many designs though, like the ones you’ll see in Bashawat and other souqs (market) in Jeddah. They are mostly plain colors. White, brown, pink, and blue. If you want the printed ones, you can buy from Cake Arts, which is just beside Bakemate, but a dozen of that would already cost above 15 riyals.

Decorating tools
Tubs of baking ingredients
Tubs of syrup

Cheese and other baking ingredients

Tubs of syrup, caramel, strawberry fillings- (all smiles here). So if you need loads of butter, cheese, gelatin…they’re all there! =)

Cake boxes

The cake box is what I’m really thankful for. They didn’t have these cake boxes before. Boxes are one of the hardest things to find for those who just bake as a hobby. Transporting cupcakes and cakes without a box can be difficult at times. I’m really thankful they have them available now. =)

Chocolate morsels
Blocks of chocolate
Ready to mix royal icing

Royal icing mix is a new product. I bought one and would do a review once I’ve tried it.

Cupcake liners
small plastic spoons

These small plastic spoons just cost 24 riyals. =)

I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy going to Bake Mate if you love baking. =)

Bakemate Al-Abed #jeddah

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Location: (Beside Cake Arts)

Have you been there? Share your experience. =)

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8 thoughts on “Bakemate, Jeddah

    1. Hi Kelvin. They might have that. You can send a message on their FB or give them a call first hefore going there. You can also try in Cake Decoration Center.

    1. Hi. They are sold in bulk if you are buying from bakemate. I think it ranges from 60-200 depending on the size of the boxes. If you have regular customers, its good to buy in bulk. If not, go to CDC (Cake Decoration Center) where you can buy the round plastic containers for 5SR each. They also sell individual boxes but around 12-24 each? haha

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