Colourpop, Kylie, and Online Shops in Jeddah

I feel that 2016 was a very good year for cosmetics, specifically lipstick line. Whenever I scroll down my Instagram feed there would always be a photo about Colourpop or Kylie. They have been very iconic, I must say, that they have reached places.

Many people have been asking if there’s even one here in Jeddah. Well, most people I know just really buy from the U.S. or online and then sell some of the items to their friends.

So, if you are in Jeddah, here’s where to get those lipsticks online  (and no, I’m not planning to make a beauty tutorial. Haha)

By the way, if you know or if you own an online shop and have these products, feel free to drop your links in the comment box below. =)

Online: sells Colourpop lipsticks for around 59 SR per piece for matte and 159 SR for a set of 5 foxy mini lipsticks.

Colourpop, Foxy mixie mini kit. All for 159 SR (5 colors)


Kylie. lipstick set of 12 pcs. -52 %  now: 288 SR

Kylie is now on a 50% plus discount on its lipstick ser of 12 pcs. Just for 288 riyals. Original price for all 12 is 600 riyals. Check out this this Kylie discount.


You can order from Colourpop itself but you will need to purchase more than $50 of items in order to get the free shipping privilege. A bundle of 3 costs $15, but $6 if bought per piece.

$ 15 for this bundle Photo:

Kyliecosmetics is where you can shop if you want to be sure you are getting an original one. Price range from $14-$17 per lipstick.

$ 29 For this kit


Online Shops in Jeddah:

Click the name of the shop below to be directed to their pages. Be sure to browse before ordering and please, please read the reviews or the comments on their accounts before ordering. Thank you.

Do you sell online as well? Feel free to type your
-shop’s name
-social media link
and include the  link to your account for other readers in Jeddah to check out. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Colourpop, Kylie, and Online Shops in Jeddah

  1. Yes. Been seeing a lot of Kylie posts and reviews on social media. I for one would love to try this brand to see for myself its beauty. Online shops are truly a nice way to orient us of the trends, the latest, and the must-try.

    1. Tried both Colourpop and Kylie, but I think I prefer Kylie because it isn’t heavy on the lips. It’s as if you are not wearing one. 🙂

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