Dear Girl who keeps on entertaining boys,

Stop it.

If you are not planning to answer that boy, then don’t act like he has a chance. If you are in the stage of giving it all a chance and checking if he’s worth it, then go ahead and continue with what you are doing, BUT if all these days or weeks, or months (!) you had it all in your mind that he is not the one you wish to spend your lifetime with, then stop entertaining him.

Stop giving him hopes.

Stop making him feel you need him.

Stop making him feel that he’s the only one who can help you.

No. You are not helping him move on.

You are becoming so unfair to him.

In short, you are using him. 

You are using him to make you feel okay. To make you feel good while he is moving closer to humiliation.

You’ve told him many times that you don’t want him; that he’s not the one, but he’s still there. Why? Because every time you have a question, you immediately send him a message. He’s not the only one who knows the answer. If you need some errands to be done, you call him. He’s not the only one who can do it for you. Look for other people to help you. Not him.

There may be other ladies, other families, friends, who can help you. Not him. Release him. Give him the chance to be happy with someone else. The more you hold on to him, the more he feels you need him, and you just think you do, but you don’t.

That’s unfair. You are robbing him of the times he should have been spending with the one who is willing to love him better than you do.

Do him a favor, if your friendship matters to you, turn a cold ear to everything sweet he does to you. Don’t respond with feelings that could kindle unwanted emotions. 1% of hope given to him, weights like 100% percent of hope on his side.

Help him, by letting him go. 

Go, find yourself a superman. As for this boy you keep on entertaining, let him be someone else’s leading man.

Let him live his life without you bothering him every time you need help.

Shameless plug.

This post is part of one of the books I’m currently writing. Dear People, includes bitter-sweet letters we badly need to hear sometimes to make things right. It includes those words that people long to tell us, but they can’t because they don’t have the guts to, because they are either your friend or they just really don’t care if you keep on doing the wrong thing. =)

If you’d like to have a copy of this book once released, I’ll be happy to notify you. Just fill out this simple form below:

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16 thoughts on “Dear Girl who keeps on entertaining boys,

    1. hahaha baka may pinagdadaanan lang. haha Pero totoo #gigil talaga. Nakakaawa lang minsan yung person involved. Lalo na pag sa simula pa lang hindi na balak sagutin. =)

  1. So true. I pity men who falls under the spell of such selfish women. As a parent of 2 boys, I am very opinionated (as early as now) of the type of girls they should be dating. And additionally pray that the Lord bless tham each with loving, supportive and wonderful women.

  2. Perfect for millennials! Love it! ito yong mga pa-fall at feeler na girls. I agree on this, ang daming ganito kaya maraming makaka-relate. These kind of girls are selfish, marami akong kilalang ganito. II really feel pity for the boys, na na-fall sa pabebe girls. hehe! Congrats on your new book 🙂

  3. Oh, in my younger years I think I’m guilty of this. But I believe I am enjoying the company and the chance to know the person more. Not all the boys can tell their intentions right away. So I guess mas feelingera if nag assume agad si girl.

    1. We all have been this girl. This letter is for me, at least the old me. hhahaha Yeah, in some cases, girls assume, but in this one, the girl knows. =)

  4. Wow. Even if the book isnt released yet, I am so excited for you. I find the topic so nice. And I appreciate your intention – to remind those papaasa na please, dont play with other’s feelings. Can’t wait for your book. I would want to have a copy 🙂

    1. Thank you for the support! haha I’ll save you a copy. =) Not all letters are about girls and boys. haha about life in general. letters that people wish to say, but they just couldn’t find the words to use. =P

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