Doodle # 2: PICTURE

Doodle with Gil 2: Picture reminds me of the different photos people post on social media. We should not feel bad, neither should we envy great photos because there is always a story behind a good one. These processed photos have great results, but they also came with much effort…good and hard-work, for most.

The problem we have nowadays is that we browse endlessly and get to see people’s “high” moments, their great ones…then we look at ourselves and feel so unaccomplished.  We start to compare our chapter three to another person’s chapter 30 and that’s not going to help. It can cause us to be depressed and feel bad of why we have not been doing so well when all the while we are just at the right pace, in our own track.

These are some ways that can help us recover when we feel we are having too much of social media:


How long does it take us to put down our phone from a long browsing session? I honestly don’t scroll down on my Facebook newsfeed that long. I just open my account to see if there are notifications, read them, reply (sometimes), and that’s it. The rest, I just answer messages on my messenger.


There are so many junks on social media lately. I mean junk news, rants from people fighting, and some viral videos that are really not worth watching. There are videos that are really inspiring, encouraging, but there are those that are just plain junk. Watch wisely. I mean, if we are planning to spend our time on something that long, let’s be sure to at least get something good from it.

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To be honest, we stay on Facebook because we want to get updated on what’s the latest  that’s happening to our loved ones or to those who are of interest to us. It brings us closer especially to those whose families are far away from each other.

For content creators and business owners, joining closed FB groups are very helpful ways to browse posts according to specific interest. For example, since I’m interested in baking, photography, blogging, and writing, I joined different FB groups (closed groups) related to these fields. Those FB groups act as closed communities on Facebook where I can ask questions and get answers from people whom I know are also interested in the topic. Rarely do people post hateful comments and bashings in these groups because the goal is to help each other.


It helps to just not browse at all. There’s a huge difference. We can do this the moment we feel bad about ourselves. When we start comparing other people’s husband to ours or when we start comparing our baby to how other people’s babies(especially celebrities) look like. When we start feeling sad instead of being happy when our friends start posting their new houses, cars, gadgets, etc. It can really be depressing when we see everyone posting such things while we are there feeling helpless. So, take a break. A day, a week, it’s up to us. Just have a break.

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Continue with our lives. BE happy for all the people who posted great things on social media and focus on our present activities. Do what we love doing, or just simply start living in the reality of life. In the reality of what we presently have and make the most of that. Instead of wishing our relationship is the same as the #relationshipgoals people posted, focus on ours and make it count. Work it out.

The next time we see another photo, the best thing to do is appreciate the person’s accomplishment and wish that person well. If we want we can use that as an inspiration to move to improve if needed. If not, then continue running our own race, at our own pace.

Remember that any goal worth having requires a journey worth taking.

Sakura jelly roll white pen by: Sakura

DOODLE WITH GIL includes videos of some of my random doodle arts/art works which mostly convey insights of what I see around or reflections I’ve had for that day. =)

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