Friday Finds #5: Homeschooling, Free Worksheets, and Designs

Friday Finds is a themed post on my blog where all the helpful sites I’ve seen around lately are featured.

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This is where you can find resources, mainly downloadable worksheets for your kids. =)

Teaching Handwriting


I love this site. I started using this years ago when my eldest was just starting to hold a pencil. I printed the worksheets here, even laminated so my kids can use them all over again. Laminated sheets + erasable markers = long lasting worksheets. I love Schoolsparks because there are tips below every worksheet. Tips on how to help kids have a good grip, or activities that could help kids develop fine motor skills. There are free worksheets on the site. Haven’t bought the book yet. Wish I could. =)


I always ran across her blog whenever I search for homeschooling materials. There are some helpful links on her site on where you can start if you are interested in homeschooling your kids.

Where Do I Start?


You can find Christian books and textbooks on this site.


This site will help you be at your best when it comes to copywriting.


Dealjumbo is where you can download mock-ups images, templates, anything you need for designing. This is helpful for social media marketers or if you have a facebook page and you need templates that are well-designed.

Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard – Hootsuite

Use this site so you can let your social accounts post while you are sleeping. Hootsuite schedules when you want your accounts to post. This is helpful for people whose target audience has a different timezone. The free plan offers 20 scheduled posts, 1 user, and 3 social accounts. This is fine for bloggers to schedule when their posts will appear on social media accounts in a weekly basis.


Just like Dealjumbo, this is another site where you can all the creative needs you need for business. From presentation templates to adobe illustrations, they are all here. You can also sell your works here if you are a digital artist.


I encourage parents to browse the Department of Education’s website where parents can download resources and guidelines to help track their kids academic development. I think as parents, we don’t just send our kids to school and expect them to be great. We should also do our part to monitor them by checking if they’re knowledge and skills are according to their level. If not, then we can find ways on how to help them. We don’t just blame the school or the teachers. We should have this TEAMWORK mentality with the teachers/school. We find ways on how we can encourage our kids to enjoy learning and to make sure to help them be prepared for the next level they are to take. I find this critical because as an educator, I am aware that those students who are having difficulty in their present level, if left unattended will just carry the same burdens in the succeeding levels. When they enter universities, they feel lost. They feel incapable especially if they are having a hard time understanding the lessons when it could have been resolved during their early education.

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