Friday Finds #8: Verusca, Hannah P., Taina, Sukkari Life, and Pathways

I think it’s about time to post another Friday Finds because it has been awhile and I’ve been bumping into awesome pages and channels lately that I really want to share. You might find these helpful and hopefully these channels may lead you to some of the good sites you might eventually need out there.

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Friday Finds is a themed post on my blog where all the helpful sites, products, or apps I’ve seen around are featured.

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Let’s start. (I wanted to embed some of the videos, but I’m having some technical issues so I just provided the links.)

Verusca Walker

I found out about her site recently when I was searching for other Wilton letter & number cake pan videos. In the photo, she used DIY letter and number boxes for decorations and cupcake boxes! Too awesome, my mouth was literally open the whole time I was watching, in amazement of how “doable” it looked like to do. My eldest would enjoy doing some DIY boxes like these.

Here’s the link to Verusca Walker’s video

Hannah Kathleen Pangilinan

This feature of Hannah Pangilinan should have been done before. I’ve been watching her videos since last year. She’s the daughter of Senator Anthony Pangilinan & Former actress Maricel Laxa. She has been featured by CNN as one of the leading women in the Philippines.

If you are a teenager, I highly recommend watching her videos. She is a great example of having a balanced life. She excels in many areas and yet keeps her grades at their best. She is very vibrant and inspires many youths to glow not just in the outside but also in the inside.

Hannah Kathleen Pangilinan Channel

The next one is another Youtube channel, okay, by now, I am slowly feeling shy that I watch all these channels, but I just really like watching them when I want to relax or need an instant pick-upper. So, with blushing cheeks on my face, let’s continue.

Taina Licciardo-Toivola

This was a recommendation from Youtube last year. I don’t usually watch family vlogs, but I started watching the first video about her day as a mother of 10 kids. I saw her neat house as well, so I was curious how she managed 10 kids without a nanny!

Sukkari Life

This is a very interesting channel. She is SAUDI. I found her while looking for Saudi bloggers and vloggers. I found many, but they were mostly in Arabic, her channel was one of those few that were in English and with Arabic translation. At first, I got really curious because it is known here that it is forbidden for Saudis to be seen without abaya and all, to add to that, a video where everyone can see her doing yoga, in her house, in the gym, etc.

She explained in her videos why it is allowed and that she wears abaya just because it is a law here, but that it is up to the female if she wants to and her family is okay with it. I think she has a Q & A for that. Anyway, it is refreshing to watch. I remember my former Saudi tutees who resemble her face. I love how she has kept the Arabian culture in most of her videos, not really purposely, I think, but it’s just the way she is and the way her lifestyle is. You’ll understand what I mean when you watch her videos, from teapots to carpets, I just love to see a touch of her culture in there. Plus, if you want vegan recipes, she has it on her blog. I’m not vegan, but there are times when I want some healthy recipes around. =)

Pathways Jeddah

Pathways Jeddah focuses on putting women in the frontline by combining their skills, expertise, and efforts. Their target is to reach out to every woman in Jeddah, to create hope, purpose, and opportunity in their lives, and give them a network of resources. They aim to uphold women’s rights, assist women’s development and emotional well-being, and encourage peace through a diverse and nonjudgmental support system. They strive to ensure to uplift the dis-empowered individual and encourage self-respect and self-development by accepting every individual unconditionally. Their commitment goes beyond the barriers of religion, race, and color, social or economic status.

Visit Pathways Jeddah.

I’ll end here for now. There are more sites and channels to share, but this post has been sitting so long in my drafts and it is begging to be published.

I’m making progress in publishing posts that have piled up in drafts in the recent months/years. 😂 At least I’m on track in one of my 2019: Accomplish goals which is to keep writing. 😇

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