Graduation Ball Dress Ideas

Our car was parked in front of a gown boutique last night and I saw some beautiful gowns. I thought they would be perfect for a prom or graduation ball. I started sketching some gowns/dresses this morning that I think might give ideas to students who will be having graduation ball soon. That’s for students studying in the Philippines or using the Philippine curriculum. Graduation for most schools in the Philippines usually starts March and goes on until May.

Here are some of the simple sketches. Most of the styles are really for those who are a little conservative. =)

You have the permission to use them for PERSONAL use. Please link back if you are going to use the exact style.
For COMMERCIAL use, feel free to e-mail me

What style did you like the most? =) 

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19 thoughts on “Graduation Ball Dress Ideas

    1. Thank you. I love #2 as well. =) I’m surprised that 16 is getting many votes. =) I was actually planning to remove that. =) haha Thanks again! =)

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