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As I was reading Romans 1, I was alarmed at how a simple act can progress and put us into a position that causes us to do foolish things. It also reminded me how to get back on track in case this happens. I hope this encourages anyone who reads this to simply turn back to God.

The Progress

It all started with NOT HONORING GOD— it ended up with MEN committing SHAMELESS ACTS WITH MEN.

Although we know God.In the previous verses, it went on saying that nature reveals the glory and nature of its creator. IF you will look at the things around, you will know that there is a higher being, full of wisdom, so amazing who can accurately manage all that we see. All of our being cries out and wants to connect to God.

But we do not honor him. Although we know God, we don’t honor him. HIS word and HE are one. To honor his word, is to honor God.

The photo above showed the progress from not honoring God to men committing shameless acts with men.

Greater Damage

The damage we see now is not because of God, but because we do not like to honor what he said in his word and so we look for another person, another god who would say “yes” to our desires.To the point of even making a new group, religion, cult, sect, whatever you call it-so that they could change laws to suit our needs.

Romans 1:21-27, summarized the whole issue of LGBT.

God loves us so much. He has set laws to PROTECT us and not to PREVENT us from being happy. When he said in his word to love our neighbors; to not commit adultery; to not steal, etc. The principle behind is to: TAKE CARE OF LIVES because God knows that when we do something bad to others, it can cause hurt.

The same with same sex marriage and all these issues related to LGBT.

God loves me and you. He has set male and female for a purpose. He knows that when we distort the standard plan; the original plan; the principles of creation- He knows that it will result to destruction of ourselves. From getting unwanted disease to destruction of families to ultimately causing a halt in giving birth of new babies because male-male and female-female won’t produce biologically.

Make a decision to honor God and His word once again. HE will lead you to straight paths.

Photo by Justin Groep on Unsplash

If you are undergoing a crisis in your life right now where you feel you are confused about your identity and why you were made male or female, you can use this prayer below. =)

Dear God,

You created my inmost being.
You know every part of me, you know my every thought.
You know how I have lived in the darkness for many years now.

Forgive me for dishonoring you and your word so many times
to the point that I have searched for different people, gods, and groups
who could satisfy my desires and aspirations.

You said in your word that you are close to the broken hearted
and that I should come to you for wisdom and help.
I come to you right know asking for deliverance.
Release me from the lies that are all against your word.
Heal every emotional hurt that have caused me to be angry at you
and the opposite sex that eventually led me to do undesirable acts.

Enlighten me with your word once again.
For your light, O Jesus, shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it.

As I decide to turn to you and repent of my sins,
I know you will hear me and forgive me.

Lead me to people who could help me get to know you more
as I turn from my ways and follow your ways.

I believe you have a great plan and purpose for me as a man/woman.
Help me fulfill them and help others to be free from this burden as well.
This I pray, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Photo by Ebony on Unsplash

If you need counseling, you can search for support groups or church leaders in your area who can listen and help you. If you feel like writing a letter anonymously so you can release your thoughts, feel free to write one here:

    If you need some readings done, here are some great sites to start with:

    Desiring God
    Great devotional here: My Utmost To His Highest
    RZIM book resources
    Derek Prince

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