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Impatience. Am I patient enough to wait for God’s mighty hand to provide? Am I willing to wait for God’s perfect timing?

The people in this story were just complaining about lack of food and water, but looking deeper, it isn’t really food and water, because they loathe the food given to them.

What happened was that the people doubted God’s ability to provide what he has promised. They became impatient that they started to complain.

It happens to me as well.

My complaints are just manifestations of how I fail to see God’s hands working in my situation.

When this happens, I start to see what’s lacking instead of all the things I have gained. I start to blame other people and the situation because I don’t feel like waiting for God’s promise.

This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life. – Psalm 119:50

When waiting comes,
I should keep on looking at God’s promises
Knowing that he has for me is good
I may not understand why
Why things have not yet come to pass

But one day, they will
And only then
Will I understand
Why it took so long
For the promise to come

But I am confident of this:
The the Lord is true
And he is true to his promise for me and you

Have a great day ahead, readers! 😃😘

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