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I love fabrics. I remember going to fabric stores near our house when I was young and I would just slide the tips of my fingers on different fabrics in order to feel the texture of each. I could spend hours of just literally looking and touching those rolls of cloths while imagining how it would look like as a dress, curtain, or a pouch.

Photo by Karly Santiago

If you’ve been to hotels, I’m pretty sure you’ve also laid your back on the bed with arms wide open trying to feel the cold, smooth texture of blankets like a happy child who would want to cuddle for hours in those blankets. You’ve also wished your bed had the same blanket! Well, I did. Every time I go to hotels, I feel the blankets, curtains, pillows, and wondered where I could find such materials so I could have one as well. They just feel so cozy and relaxing.

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

I found some local stores here in Jeddah and even in the Philippines, but why not buy it from the place that is known to manufacture good quality fabrics for ages now.

From Northern Europe, Lithuania specifically, is famous for its long flax cultivation history and deep linen processing traditions. I browsed -okay, spent hours at Lusie’s Linen website, a company that offers high quality products of fabrics, yarns, and crafts supplies!! I love craft supplies!!! My eyes were hooked by just looking at the photos of the products they have.

Lusie’s Linen

Linen is called as King of Natural Fabrics . Why choose linen?

  • It is antibacterial.
  • It also protects a person from solar and gamma radiations.
  • Safe even for sensitive skin.
  • Resistant for allergies.
  • Breathable and so comfy.
  • Linen absorbs well and dries fast.
  • It is durable and strong.

No wonder why most rich people and hotels prefer linen.


I just love these type of fabrics. This is one of my favorite fabrics to wear or work with. They look so classy whether used for clothing, curtains, bags, it reveals a sense of elegance in it.


Remember these blankets below? I often see them in movies where there’s a girl drinking coffee near the fireplace covered with these linen blankets. Oh, so cozy. Hot choco, please!


These linen towels, according to Lusie’s Linen, gently massages the skin when used. I want to have different colors for each season, for each month maybe?! =)


Love the muted shades of these. Very classic.

Lusie’s Linen

Great table runners for both formal and informal gatherings.

Lusie’s Linen

Need I say more? Look at these comfortable, so breathable outfits. They look good whether casual or formal.

What can you say about these linen fabrics by Lusie’s Linen? If you are interested in their products, you can follow LUSIE’S LINEN here:
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They accept the following :

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the writing and opinions are 100% mine. I really love their products! =)

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4 thoughts on “Lusie’s Lovely Linen

  1. Yep, I always wish we had the hotel-like beddings at home. I’m actually contemplating on whether upgrade or not, hotel crisp white linen with 120 thread count will soon be ours, hopefully ✅

    Anyway, thanks for sharing… will check Lusie’s if we can take advantage of the free shipping.

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