Netflix Documentary | A Plastic Ocean

The other day, I decided to let the kids watch a documentary about the environment. It could help them develop:

  • Concern for the environment.
  • Somehow be responsible of their actions towards it.
  • Possibly provide solutions in their own area to help the community.

A Plastic Ocean

  • The documentary shows how massive the effects of plastic has become globally.
  • When we look at it individually, we feel there isn’t even any effect on the use of plastic especially when we use the term “disposable” whenever we use them.

    The plastic items we use especially in the beaches are carried away by currents and winds to the ocean. Sad to say, even the deepest parts of the oceans have already gathered plastic like this photo above.

    I remember back in grade school, we would have this kind of film showing in our school where we saw the effects of the use of plastic to the environment. That was 30+ years ago! The years have passed and more and more materials made from plastic have been manufactured and yet not all of them are disposed properly. Imagine how much it has accumulated.

    We Shall Reap What We Have Thrown

    The sea creatures we eat have accumulated chemicals from the garbage we have thrown into the sea and the chemicals from the soil that have seeped in at times. These photos below are some of the things that are usually taken out from birds and sea creatures.

    Horrible. It cuts deep.

    This bird was dying when they found it. It couldn’t breathe anymore because it was full of trash inside. The researches tested the some of the fish in our seas and they have traces of chemicals from the trash dumped in the sea…and we get our food from the sea. The same situation in the land is happening. 😭

    The World We Live In

    The earth was created for man to manage. If we abuse it and not properly take care of it, we then suffer the consequences.

    One man in the documentary sighed in frustration when asked what can be done. It seems impossible already. He pointed out that anywhere they dive, there is plastic. Even those parts of the seas that are away from beaches and resorts have plastic.

    Call to Action

    As an individual, what can we do? The site 4Ocean has some great ideas that are easy to apply as baby steps towards the road to reduce the use of plastic.

    • Use reusable products instead of disposable ones.
    • Bring cutlery and other items that you can wash and reuse over time.
    • Choose alternative materials like wood, stainless steel, or glass when possible.
    • Use cardboard over plastic packagings. Or no packagings if possible.
    • Dispose your trash properly. If you are in a public place, look for trash bins. If you can’t find one carry it until you find one.
    • Bring awareness about the effects of plastic to other people.

    There are more ways given in the documentary. We can’t completely eradicate plastic but little steps can go a long way when done by many people all over the world.

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