STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Toys

As parents, we cannot avoid buying toys for our kids. Though we try to limit them, there would still be special days when we would be obliged to buy items for them to work with or to play with.

I personally suggest toys that can help kids not just play but learn. There are what you call STEM toys. STEM toys encourage kids to develop skills in the core disciplines of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and MATH. A popular example of this kind of toy is LEGO.

stem toys

Here are some examples of STEM toys you can buy from the nearest toy stores or online.

Building toys/ Building sets

For preschoolers, choose larger pieces of building toys especially if there are younger ones in the house who might put the pieces into their mouths.

(The photos are presented for younger years to older ones)


Jolly Mags

Science & Technology toys

We may think that buying the following can be “too nerdy” or “too much,” but isn’t buying gadgets for kids the same? If we are willing to spend money on those things for our kids, the following shouldn’t make us think twice.

These items can help kids pretend to be scientists, doctors, teachers, or any profession related to the items.

Math learning toys

Engineering & Programming toys

These learning toys may require some parent-child time, which can be a great bonding for parents and kids.

The S.T.E.M. movement is perhaps one of the most important trends in toys in decades. STEM is actually an acronym for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and MATH. It’s these skills that kids must adopt in order to stay relevant in today’s tech-centric world.

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You can click the following items to go to the page of the learning toys you are interested in.

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5 thoughts on “STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Toys

  1. So true… these educational toys can help a child to learn even before coming to school. My son loves LEGO and robotics. It also builds confidence.

  2. It’s nice to find STEM toys available in the market. We like investing in these kinds of toys also for our children. These toys help them to be creative and use their problem solving skills a lot.

  3. My husband, who teaches Earth Science in our review classes, actually has a lot of them. He uses these props when teaching. 🙂 I distinctly remember that Creator 1 toy.

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