Still Here =)

If you are wondering why there aren’t any updates on my blog… Okay, assuming (haha) that you are wondering…if this blog is still active…Yes, it still is. I’m still here.

I’ve just got some pretty good reasons why I can’t blog as often as I used to. Here are some reasons why I haven’t updated lately:

I was on vacation and the internet connection was just really poor that I decided to just upload everything when I come back. I had fun going to different places in the Philippines. I discovered many amazing places (which are all still in draft, I’ll be posting them one day haha…not soon, because I’m too busy lately)

Yambo lake, Laguna
Twin Lakes, Nagcarlan, Laguna

I also got the chance to have my son enroll in McDonald’s kiddie crew. Yey! It was fun. He had fun working with McDonald’s for one week. He experienced preparing a burger, getting drinks, being a cashier, talking to customers in the take-out window. It was a great experience for him. He really wanted to join when he saw the kiddie crew and of course, who wouldn’t want to try pushing that button in the soft drinks machine? Even I, wanted to try that one. =)

McDona;d’s Kiddie Crew

Second reason, school is back and I’m adjusting to the new routine of having two kids go to school. =) Two!!! I’m getting old.

Jacob and Migs

Third, hello baby! So it’s just the two of us in the morning. (Okay, and Woody)

He thinks he is the one in the photo. haha That’s me!

Fourth, all my gadgets seem to have talked to each other and decided to not work properly as of the moment. From laptop to cellphone to internet connection. Everything just seem to lag and not work at its best.


Yeah, just sad, but hey! I’ll take that as a blessing because that is what I really need right now because….for the fifth reason. I’m finishing a book! Yey, I’m finally writing my book. Finally!!!! I’m really excited about this. I pray that this book will help teachers, homeschooling moms, leaders, facilitators, any person that handles people (so everyone) on how to be successful teachers from beginning to the end. What to do next after teaching and how to leave a legacy; how to leave long-term effects on people’s lives. This is all out. I’ll be sharing every piece of helpful information that could help teachers enjoy (make teaching easy) this gift.

Almost done!!!!

So there. If you need to contact me, do so through FB messenger or e-mail. My WhatsApp and other apps are not the best ways to communicate with me right now. =)

I’m also back to baking by the way. Na-miss ko to!

How about you? What are you busy with right now?

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18 thoughts on “Still Here =)

  1. Wow, you’re writing a book! 🙂 That used to be my dream, ngayon blog na lang. Haha. Please write more about your Twin Lakes adventure–I haven’t heard of that even though I live in Laguna!

    1. I’m sure it will be an adventure for your family! It’s very accessible from your place since you are already in Laguna. I’ll be posting it including the necessary information on how to get there. =)
      Hopefully, after reading the book, you’ll be inspired to write your own. =)

  2. Awww! Congrats on your book! Writing a book is like an “impossible dream” for me. lol. And yes, I noticed your hiatus, pero I knew one of the reasons is because you’re on vacation and the internet in the PH is amazing! haha. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay. ♥

  3. Wow! Ang galing… you’re writing a book! Cheers to that! Well I guess, sometimes getting away from social media makes us more productive, even I agree although, #IGisLIFE hehe! I love how you write passionately, esp. you’re writing for the benefit of others, kudos to that!

  4. Congrats on your book. That’s an exciting accomplishment and best of luck to you. Cute photos of your kids and your vacation looks like it was beautiful. Restful too, I hope. Happy Writing!

  5. Inspires me then to really work on my book na. Having kids attend school may make you feel old but wait until they come home and share with you their lessons learned. You will appreciate them more because kids arent madamot. They will share with you what they have learned from school.

    And the picture! Magkamukha kayo kahit sang anggulo!! Ihihi.

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