Turning Mess into Moments

If you follow my IG and FB stories, you might see funny photos and captions I make out of taking care of kids. People pretty much enjoy reading it and I think in general, they think that I’m having a kiddie party at home every day and that I’m having a time of my life enjoying every bit of it and all that. 😂

No. Not all the time I mean.

It’s not 24 hours of delight. 😂 There are also tough times when kids cry, fight with each other, do things against my rules, get bruises here and there, and more ear-irritating noise and rants.

Like other moms, I also raise my voice and get mad at times. I’ve had those moments when I cried in the evening and I’m really just like any other mother trying my best to enjoy this stage when kids are still dependent on me.

A great encouraging reminder I’d always get from my husband is that kids won’t be like that forever. It’s a bonus if they will cling to you once they grow up, but chances are that there might come a time that they’d rather hang out with their friends or they’d want to do some activities without me, and I carry what he said whenever I’m about to lose my wits. It helps me get my balance. It helps me enjoy the moment.

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When I was a new mom it was really all loving and caring because it was my first time and I did not really know that much about motherhood. When 2nd baby arrived, I was too overwhelmed with motherhood. I wanted to do some things, but kids would always be there and I just felt time was being robbed away from me. I was looking at it in the wrong perspective. I WAS GIVEN TIME TO BE WITH THEM. Instead of treasuring it, I was complaining.

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When I learned to accept where I was and the situation I was in. Everything went better. Not perfect, but better.

I asked God for help on how to take care of my family. I read books on how to be a woman after God’s own heart, read different blogs on how to take care of kids, the house, and the husband. In short, I did not just sit down and wait for things to change. I had to start somewhere. I had to start on accepting it and helping myself love what I was doing- which what I’ll probably be doing for the rest of my life.

I have to accept my role as a wife and as a mom or else I’ll keep looking for other things to do and neglect being a wife and a mom. I’ll have to accept it OR ELSE OTHER PEOPLE WILL DO IT for them and I cannot complain when they do it.

Some women may be working because there’s a need to have another income to pay the bills, I can’t argue with that. It happens and they have their reasons, we have our reasons, but let’s not forget that we are moms first especially after getting home tired from work.

I always remind myself of this:

I am a mom first before I am an employee, before a nurse, before a secretary, before a teacher, before a minister, before a manager, before an executive, before a doctor, and before a boss. If you have kids, don’t forget to be a wife/mom first when situations tend to pull you in different directions.

Our kids need us more than our boss or any other people in our lives.

If sacrifices of overtime and excessive work can be done for the company, why not for the kids?


If extremely beautiful ideas can be created for the company, why not for the kid’s activities and well-rounded development?


If we make efforts to make our clients be happy- be sure we make it also for the family-for the kids.


If we can deal well with our boss and colleagues, be sure to deal well with our kids.


If we can be patient with other people, why not do the same and more for our kids.

Sometimes, we value other people and their feelings more than what our family would feel.

We should start unconditionally loving every member of our family. If we see ourselves doing it to other people, then maybe it’s about time to do it to our kids and spouse.

I remember reading an article about an old couple looking at a family with toddlers. The parents were having a hard time, but the old couple were smiling remembering how life was when they had kids.

One day, the house will be very quiet.

No kids crying,

No musical toys singing,

No nursery rhymes playing,

No little wet hands pulling your shirt,

No chocolate-filled face brushing against your clean face,

No more cute voices calling ‘mama’, ‘papa’, asking for help,

No more tight hugs when they’re scared of strangers,

No more senseless laughs about everything that falls down,

No more messy floor to clean,

No more rice-filled tables to wipe,

No more stinking couch to change,

No more.

One day, everything will be clean and quiet in the morning -just the way you liked it. But also, no more kids to play with. 🙂

So to every mom who gets irritated when kids want to be around them, remember to enjoy that moment that they want to be with you. A time will come when you want to be with them, but they’d want to be with another and you don’t want to regret those years you’ve always gotten irritated at the sound of their cry, help, and voice. I had those moments too and I just really thank God for helping me realize how important it is to treasure these moments (before it was too late)  instead of complaining.

So, enjoy the moment while they are still young and while you are still strong.

Enjoy it -while they are still there.

While they still want you more than anything and anyone else. While they still want to play with you, hug you, kiss you, tell jokes and share discoveries with you.

Soon, they’ll be gone with classmates, friends, and a family of their own before you know it. 🙂

I’m still in the same boat like all the other young moms. So I include myself in this reminder to always enjoy moments with my kids. I fail at times, but with God’s grace I get back on track and keep on serving him by taking care of the family he has entrusted to me.🙂

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6 thoughts on “Turning Mess into Moments

  1. This is so true. Our house is so quite now because my son spends most of his time in school. Nakakamiss din so I really look forward to holidays, no classes and shortened period class. So yes, enjoy the moments while they are still young.

    1. Thank you for sharing Ms. Michi. 🙂 I often hear that from those with older kids and though I still don’t understand how it feels, I took their advice to value and cherish the moment. 😁

  2. OMG! Almost made me cried reading this. Very very true. Let us remember we are a mother first. Our kids come first before anything else. On my personal experience, yes, during school days, our house seems very empty, so quiet. Soon my daughters will be working na. And my youngest will be hanging out with his friends na. Haaayyyy, a mom’s life.

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