Twist and Learn

If you have kids who are starting to read, you can try using their toys with the words they need to learn. Here, I used old plastic egg toys. I recently used these eggs for Math & Eggs activity.

Sometimes, toddlers get bored at reading and reviewing from their books. Especially for boys. They enjoy better when they touch things or they do something as they learn.

egg phonics by islesgilian
surprise eggs

Start with the CVC- Consonant-Vowel-Consonant combinations because these are family words and letters that can easily get along with each other in forming words. Here are some examples:

  • net- set -let -vet -get -met -bet- pet -jet
  • rat -bat- sat -mat – hat -bat
  • pan- ran -man -tan- van -can
egg phonics by islesgilian
CVC- consonant-vowel-consonant

Be creative

Use other toys that go in many pieces. Lego blocks are great for such an activity. There are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest like this 66 best CVC Activities images on Pinterest | Language, Classroom … that could get you inspired like this post on Teaching Toddlers Using Toy Animals.

Instead of eggs, you can use trains, balls, marbles, lego blocks, etc.just use the whiteboard markers for toys. I used permanent pen here because these are just extra eggs.

egg phonics by islesgilian
I used a permanent pen, but use erasable marker on lego blocks.
egg phonics by islesgilian
turn the left egg shell to change the consonant letters

How about you? What do you think are the other toys or thing we can use to help kids read? Share them below. =)

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8 thoughts on “Twist and Learn

  1. My son has those plastic eggs too, I wanted to give it away but he still likes playing it. This is a good idea in teaching kids, my son also learned to read using CVC method. I made flash cards before.

  2. This is such a great idea! I agree with using fun materials to teach kids. My son is a kinesthetic learner so he learns things by doing activities, not just through reading.

  3. Oh wow, this is really brilliant! I love it. I can certainly use them for Nate as well. He loves to read, kahit anong kaya nyang basahin, binabasa nya. This will be a good addition to his reading materials.

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