15 WordPress Themes for Photographers

Choosing a theme can make or break a site. Pick one that does not suit your taste and you’ll end up unsatisfied every month. Install one that is responsive, well-supported, and catchy to your audience and you’ll have less headache in the long run. I got mine from Angiemakes.com and I’m thankful that they’ve given great support for every question I’ve asked.

Warning: These are not free themes. I highly recommend purchasing a theme because free ones are limited when it comes to customization. The support for purchased themes will assure you, especially for beginners, that you’ll have someone to back you up in case you receive errors or make mistakes in customizations along the way.

Problems with free themes according to Amy Lynn Andrews:

  • Many are not updated regularly.
  • Many are abandoned completely.
  • There is no support for most of them.
  • The quality of the coding is not always ideal.

I have personally experienced those things and if you are planning to continue blogging or even monetize your blog, then purchasing a premium theme is a must.

Here are the Top 15 Photography WordPress themes you may choose from if you are either starting a blog or re-designing your site.

1.Everett Mae Genesis Child Theme


2.Springfield Photography Theme- 30 % OFFsave-30-springfield

3. Asterimos- WP Responsive Theme

mac-copy4. Widescreen


5.Meadowbrook theme

promoresponsive-f6.Sherri Flexible WP Theme


7. Tempo Masonry Photography Theme


8. Exposure Photography Theme


9. RokoPhoto- Stylish Photography Theme


10. Side Folio Responsive Theme


11. Fashy Theme


12. Faithful


13.Fotographer Minimalist


14. Ruby


15. GEO Photography WordPress theme


Click the name of the theme to see the live demo or you can find these themes in Creative Market and Angiemakes.com

What theme did you like the most? =)

Looking for fonts and mock-up designs for your blog?

Duckbite Modern Swash Calligraphy Font

Fetching – A Messy, Modern Brush Font


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43 thoughts on “15 WordPress Themes for Photographers

  1. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I use WordPress myself and might at some point change my theme – although for now I’m happy with the one I have. These ones on your list are all lovely, though 🙂

  2. These WordPress themes looks great. Every photograph will look more profesional with these designs. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. These are some fabulous themes I must say. I love WordPress and the features provided by it. I completely agree that the paid themes have a lot more to offer than the free ones.

  4. These look like some great themes. I agree when you get to a point where you want to monetize than it is best to get a premium, however I would say since I started blogging 5 months ago, there is so much to learn and starting out with a free version while you are learning might be a good option. I purchased a theme and realized after months and finally things have taken shape that it did not suit me. I have learned so much these past few months and actually just purchased a new theme. I remember spending hours and hours looking for the right theme. This post is so helpful for anyone looking for a good theme and premium is the best way to go plus you get added support.

    1. I also started with a free theme just to know how it works, then bought a premium one. But it can be difficult transferring old post to the new theme especially if you’d had posts and photos aligned to the old theme.

  5. I spent a lot of time picking a theme for my blog. It was fun to do. But also hard. To find the perfect theme. The colors and possibilities, everything should be right haha. From this list I like ‘faithful’.

  6. Such a comprehensive post! I have to add the Divi theme of elegant themes. You can customized it according to your design preferences with it’s built-in DIY drop-n-drop functionality.

  7. Hats off to all amazing photographers! I really wish it’s that easy to capture wonderful scenes but it isn’t. Photographers have really good eye on that one. And the themes are all lovely, although, Blogger user here.

  8. These themes are a real beauty. I agree that a theme may indeed make or break a site. And when I started my blog, I tried a number of themes before settling to my current one.

  9. Wow, these are really nice themes. I feel like they will really feature photographs nicely, something that every photographer definitely needs. I actually recently changed my theme. It’s a premade template that I purchased and further customized.

  10. They all look good! My most favorite is Faithful, it looks clean and relaxing to the eyes. I agree, having a free theme gives you limited choices in revamping your site, just like mine. Will buy one if there is something I really love to try. Do you have themes for Blogger? Thanks!

  11. There’s really a lot of options for themes if you are a photographer. At saka ang gaganda pa. Minsan nga gusto ko gamitin ang themes nila pero dapat gandahan ko muna camera ko. 🙂

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