5 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Afraid of the Book of Revelation

I grew up hearing horrible things about the book of Revelation in the Bible. I heard it from my teachers, from friends, from adults, and so I have put aside this part of the Bible for a very long time. I would hold its pages carefully when browsing it as if something magical would come out like in Pandora’s box where all the wild creatures came out because she opened the forbidden box.

I came to a point where I eventually had to read it when I read the Bible from Genesis to the end: Revelation. I had no choice. I read it with open mind and still heart. I did not understand everything at first, but it was not as bad as people said it would. I think it is because these people have focused on the judgement (for the wicked) part in the first few chapters that they have not cherished the last part—my favorite! Which was all about the promise of the new heaven and new earth for all those who believed in Jesus.

I found myself finding comfort in the book of Revelation as I keep going back to it and reading how mighty our Lord Jesus in battle and how restoration of everything will happen in his perfect time. I pray that as you read this post, you’ll find comfort and enjoyment the next time you read the book of Revelation.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Afraid of the Book of Revelation

Self Assessment: Commendations, Rebukes, Solutions, Promises, The Letters to the Churches (chapter 2-3)

These letters sent to the different churches also reflect our present state; those who toil, those who are patient, those who cannot bear evil, those who hold fast in God’s name, those who have a reputation of being alive and yet dead, those who have little power and yet have kept God’s word, and more.

If we allow these letters to speak to us, they will help us change our ways. These letters can serve as a self-assessment to us.

Better than Movies: The Throne in Heaven (chapter 4)

If you love watching The Game of Thrones, kingdom movies, something about fantasy, and the like, you’ll probably enjoy imagining how majestic and awesome The Throne in Heaven is. You’ll read of creatures you only see in movies, but to think that these creatures actually exists will make us stand in awe of God.

What is there in heaven, in the perfect state and what God has in store for us is far beyond what we can ever imagine. From animals, to streets, to landscapes, it is just beyond one can imagine and we will end up singing “Who am I? That the Lord of all the earth, will care to know my worth, will care to know my name...” We’ll be humbled and be thankful once the revelation of God’s greatness finally dawns on you.

God’s Judgment and Punishment to the Wicked

The middle part of Revelation shows what will happen to those who did not have the seal, those who did not believe in Jesus Christ even after hearing everything about him. It also shows what will happen to the saints who have overcome and how God will save and spare them from eternal punishment.

Upon reading this, you’ll be reminded of your families and friends whom you love and you’ll want them to not experience that. You’d want them to learn about Jesus so that they too can experience an eternal life with God instead of forever torment in hell.

The Defeat of Satan

Often times, we want evil to end soon. We have forgotten that the enemies are spirits and they don’t die like humans do. They live forever as spirits do and here the victory belongs to God and to us upon reading that one day the devil will be thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophets were and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

God is just.

Always remember that especially during those times when wickedness is unbearable and injustice prevails and you just can’t do anything about it. Remember that God will avenge everything in his perfect time and his justice will prevail. He is a good and just God.

The Promise of Forever

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore…

This is what every Christian should be in anticipation of. Our earth now is cursed because of sin. Everything in creation is groaning and waiting for it to be redeemed. No matter how beautiful it is now, it is nothing compared to the beauty of its perfect state and what more the new earth that awaits. God will be making all things new.


These are just five of the many reasons why we should not fear reading Revelations. Even until now, I keep on coming back to it and God keeps revealing new things to encourage me to keep going.

Have you also feared reading the Revelations? What were the reasons why?

Or maybe you have read it before? What did you like most about it? Share your thoughts below for others to get inspired!

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