TODAY is Day 12: Proverbs 12. If you want to participate in reading the Book of Proverbs with us and sharing your reflections, you can download the calendar here.

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Anyway, these are the verses that I like about Proverbs 12.

Proverbs 12On receiving advice: Sometimes, we ignore them, thinking that we know better or that those people don’t know what they are talking about. All we have to do is receive them. Pray and ask for God’s help to check our hearts and if the advice can really help us or not. Often, we don’t want to receive the advice out of pride.  Proverbs 12

On boasting:Proverbs 12

On being kind to animals: =)Proverbs 12

Anger management:Proverbs 12

Proverbs 12

On telling the truth:Proverbs 12Proverbs 12

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