Ablaze, Journals, and Legacies

Sometimes, I want to browse my old journals.

It makes me laugh whenever I read the entries because of the childish things written on them.

It is also humbling to see where I was years ago and how God has transformed my life around.

Here are my 2006 notes.

I was smiling while I was reading my notes because I could vividly remember that when I was reading this book, Ablaze for God, I was sure that I was having a hard time digesting every chunk of thought because every line was so good that I had to write them down. Reading it now is easier. A bit smoother. 😁

This book is about the necessity of deepening your relationship with God. It is about intensifying your passion for God’s and obedience to His call and compassion towards other people who have not yet put their trust in God.

If you burn (with passion), others will come to see the fire.

Such a heartwarming reminder.

Keeping a Journal

Back in college, it felt my notebooks were just taking up space. I would always write down notes, but I kept on asking myself what I’d do with them later? Will they just take a space in the shelves? I had no idea what to do with them. I think I even threw some of the older ones I had in high school because I was clueless on what to do with them. Still, I kept on writing.

Only little later did I find the value of keeping them. It is nice to have a journal to have something to go back to or to have a reference. I know these notebooks may look like additional garbage in the house, but I always imagine these journals as legacies to my children.


Maybe during their generation, the world will be so different with mixed ideas that may sound good but aren’t really right or in line with God’s word.

I imagine my kids reading these journals one day and they’ll see that they are not alone in their struggles and that people from before have faced the same struggles they’re facing and written on those journals are journeys of how God has led me through the tough times. Stories of how God led our families and friends from one victory to another. They will read of how God answered prayers and hopefully, when my kids read them in the future, they too will know more about God and will put their trust in Him alone. 🙂

Get back on track

If you have stopped writing your favorite verses or completely disregarded your journals, I encourage you to get back on track. Maybe you are using social media to post your favorite verses our thoughts, that’s different. Have something your child can easily read even without an internet signal or a computer.

Keep Journaling

One day, you’ll look back at those entries, smiling with amazement at how God has helped you overcome some of the greatest trials in your life. 🙂

*P.S: If photos don’t appear, it is because I have been encountering errors from the WordPress app lately and they are about to release some updates that hopefully might fix the bugs in the app. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Ablaze, Journals, and Legacies

  1. I <3 finding and reading my old journals! I even love re-reading old blog posts. It's funny how I think I've grown and then I go read how 10+ years ago I was fighting the same/similar battle.

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