Al Hori Restaurant: A Sweet Escape From Jeddah

Original date of post: July 13,2015
Updated August 11, 2018

Al Hori restaurant, along with other establishments outside Jeddah is one of those places that had me wondering before. I was curious why such restaurants and amusement parks were located near the desert (or almost in the middle of the desert).

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.32.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.32.32 PM


It’s a bit exciting to visit Al-Hori because of it’s location. You can try  this seafood restaurant if you want to leave Jeddah’s air for an hour or two, but still want to experience the arabian culture.

In this restaurant, you’ll choose from the seafoods available like shrimps and fish, put them in a container, bring them to the counter, tell the type of dish you want or how you want the seafoods to be cooked (grilled, deep fried, etc.), then pay. Foods are then delivered to your cabin later on.  Estimated price starts from 60 riyals.

Main station where one selects from the available seafoods.
Price list in Arabic (old)

Choose from the different cabins available. These boat-like stations above are semi-open. Good for cold weather, but not advisable for humid ones. It’s also good for 5-8 people. There are no tables and chairs here. Customers sit down on carpeted floors with pillows available as elbow rests. TV’s and electric fans are also provided.

This is where you eat. Inside the boat-like cottages. =)

249464_10150212216453050_2612824_nThhis next one is a bit smaller, but is an air conditioned room. Still the same set up, though. No chairs and tables.

VIP section (2018)
VIP section (2018)

The place is great if you have kids. There’s a small amusement area where kids can play and have rides. There’s also a bike rental, which was a dream come true for me. I really want to ride a bike here in Jeddah because ladies are not seen on bikes here (unless you live inside a compound). As of this writing (2018), ladies can now use their bikes in the Jeddah Waterfront.

(Watch my video on the new Jeddah Waterfront’s bicycle lane: G-LOG #12: MOVE)

Bike, car, and scooter rentals

Some rides were a bit rusty, and you just have to ride at your own risk. I don’t recommend the extreme rides for kids, unless they go with an adult. I don’t think they are that safe. Maybe, it’s just me? I just really don’t like rides. =)

I was surprised that many families go there to eat. Maybe, they also want to leave the city life’s stress and embrace the desert’s peaceful ambience.

2011 pictures of our Al Hori restaurant visit:

2018 Photos in Al-Hori. The pictures are better. The place looks cleaner and the boat cabins have been newly painted.

Entrance and ordering station
boat cabins
I still don’t recommend the rides, though they are better now.
Highly recommend the fried fish.
and grilled shrimp.

After eating, you can walk around the place and order tea and just enjoy the mid-desert experience.

There are also seafood restaurants like this one in Jeddah, but I think the one of the reasons why people go there is to be away from the city and relax.

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