Al Ula Heritage Village Re-Opens to Public in 2020

It’s almost holiday and people are thinking of exploring the other parts of Saudi Arabia like Taif, Abha, Al Ula and Madain Saleh.

Unfortunately, Al Ula and Madain Saleh are under renovation and are temporarily closed to the public until proper measures are done to protect the ancient sites. The Royal Commission of Al Ula hired experts from around the world to make sure policies and limitations are given to tourists to avoid damaging these historical gems which are all part of the UNESCO heritage sites.

You can visit their site for more information especially if you are a student because they are now giving scholarship programs to students who are in the line of tourism, hospitality, archaeology, history, and courses related to preservation.

Here are some of the photos of our visit in Al Ula. 😃

The place reminded me of the Cars movie where Lightning McQueen accidentally drove to Route 66. 😁

Good morning, from Al Ula! 😁

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