and they were all yellow..

Yesterday’s challenge was to take shots of anything yellow. That’s because Jacob had a yellow egg toy with him. I thought of asking his help to look for yellow things around, put the egg near or on the yellow object so I could take a picture of both. 
I was happy. It was like hitting many birds with one stone. First bird, enjoying the playtime with Jacob. Second, teaching him the color yellow. Third, practicing photography skills (feeling meron..hehe) Fourth, teaching Jacob new words, etc…
I’ve always thought of what to do with those surprise eggs. This is the first idea. To use those eggs as part of his playtime/learning time. 

One thought on “and they were all yellow..

  1. what is it in your hands, Jacob? a yellow egg toy, Mom!

    use it to find all other yellow items you can and I will set free my creative imagination through the wonders of the shutter of my Nikon lense…
    … reminds me of YAHWEH asking Moses, what is it in your hands? … I will wonders to set my people free from slavery…

    nice shots —- kiko san

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