Arabian Lanterns

If you have been to Al Shallal theme park in Jeddah, these Arabian lanterns are probably the last decorations you’ll notice because you’ll have to look up and stare at them to see their beauty.

I was at Al Shalal for 3 days early of December because my kids were practicing for the Jollibee Jeddah Grand Kids Day 2017/field trip. I had to leave the auditorium most of the time because my youngest wanted to walk or would cry. I decided to just take a walk with him and brought my camera.

The walk became a photowalk for us. I’ve been to Al Shalal for many years now. Like, I go there every year since I was young, but it’s just now that I’ve noticed the lanterns.

Maybe it’s really like that sometimes. Life takes you to the same situation, same place, but this time, you notice and learn something different.

Just look at these colorful lanterns. From where I was sitting, I just looked up and saw one or two. Then I took photos of them. I was surprised to see that the whole ground floor was actually decorated with vintage-looking lanterns, and I’m pretty sure, rarely did people notice them.

This is the ice skating rink.

That’s the Al Shallal ice skating rink above. Beside the rink are tables and chairs and hung above those are the lanterns. I hope you can see them.

I was like a child discovering candies(lots of them) in a drawer. Imagine my amazement as I was slowly turning my head in amazement at the numerous lanterns. 

I was overwhelmed. Questions were rushing. Will I take photos of them all? Are they all the same in style? I’m pretty sure the people there were curious at what I was snapping at. They ignored me after a while.

I kept on walking as I was playing with my kid. In between breaks, I would quickly take a snap. 

I also took shots while sitting. I had to zoom in to all the lanterns I could reach from where I was.

Just look  at each lantern. Some look the same, when you look closer, they’re actually not. Each design is different.

Most of the lanterns here are round, but there are some uniquely-designed ones. Like this one above.

Just take a look at this red lantern here. Isn’t it eye-cathing?

It’s funny how only a few will see their beauty. 

I guess in real life, you only learn to see the beauty of something when you truly take time to look at it. When you spend time noticing it.

Just imagine how these lanterns get so unnoticed all throughout this time. I’ve been to this place every year, and yet I’ve noticed these lanterns just now.I’ve learned a lesson here. Sometimes, we have to take time to appreciate the things we have. The things that matters most.

The things we take for granted just because we’ve always had them. Family, job, car, house, possession, etc. Have we been grateful about them lately? 

The old saying can be true. You learn to value something when it’s gone. You don’t have to let it happen.

Treasure and be thankful of what you have now. Don’t wait until they’re all gone.

We keep on chasing for dreams, for stars, for the universe, when all the time we have these “lanterns” providing daily “light” for us. 

Slow down a bit. Be thankful for those unnoticed “lanterns” around you. Family, friends, jobs, possessions, etc. They have always been there waiting to be recognized. Take good care of them. =)

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19 thoughts on “Arabian Lanterns

  1. This is such a great reminder for all of us this season. Everyone is rushing because Christmas is coming soon. It’s easy to not recognize a lot things. We should really learn to slow down every now and then to see the beauty around us. Those lanterns are beautiful.

  2. These are wonderful and intricately designed ~ lanterns! Sometimes if we do stop a bit and look around we will find the most amazing of things! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The lanterns are very beautiful! and I love the lesson on appreciating the little lights in out lives, especially the ones we are used to and that get overlooked because we are so used to them!

  4. Those truly are spectacular. I loved this post Gilian. It’s amazing to me the way we search endlessly for something – anything – that will show us that we aren’t alone. That there is a power bigger than ourselves. That spiritual beauty and love are more than mere ideas. We look and look and every now and then we catch glimpses. The amazing part is that we catch glimpses. It’s that the truth of it is constantly around us, and yet we still miss it. I adore that you found it in these lanters. They are beautiful wonders! ❤️

    Lovely stuff Gilian. 😊 Joanna

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