Ascent 2021

This year’s one word is ASCENT.

Wahbah Crater, Saudi Arabia
Al Wahbah Crater, Saudi Arabia

After the crazy things that happened in 2020, this year is about rising up once again. It is about picking up the broken pieces of our lives and laying them once again before God so he can put it back together, but this time a better version of ourselves. As a potter puts broken pieces back into his hands, pressing and molding them, refining them once again to become a better jar, so are we in the hands of God. The molding should make us joyful knowing that the outcome will be better than before.

Songs of Ascents

Psalm 120-134

Songs of ascents
Songs of rising up
Songs of climbing up to the hill
Where help comes from
Words out of the hungry soul
Yearning to worship once again
In the place of worship

Songs of ascents
Songs of crying out in the middle of the desert
Songs of trekking the mountain
Where darkness seems endless
Words out of the fearful soul
Seeking deliverance and salvation
Only to be found
In the one true God
The maker of all

How about you? What is your one word for this year?

I realized I haven’t posted for months, well, I have, but my site got hacked and all this year’s posts got deleted and I was only able to recover a few and still trying to re-write some, but you can read previous posts here. Have a great year ahead! =)


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