Baking Confession

Just made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting topped with chocolate chips.

In one baking session I usually make 20-30 cupcakes. It's impossible to make 2-5 cupcakes so I really am left with no choice but to look at the many cupcakes on my table. I don't eat all the cupcakes I make. Not because I don't like them, but baking cupakes and eating them are two different things. I like baking and decorating cupcakes but I'm not a fan of desserts. So I usually just eat 2 to maximum of 5 of the cupcakes I make. My husband doesn't like sweets too. He eats 1-2 of what I make and sometimes I even have to force him to taste it. Well, fortunately, my little one needs no pushing. He grabs one and messes it up as he puts it in his mouth. Unfortunately, his small digestive system only permits him to eat half or one cupcake. Besides, He only eats the cake and not the icing. His mom does not permit him to. Haha

So what happens to the rest of the cupcakes? I used to bring them to work when I was working. I also gave some to my parents and the rest go to waste. When we moved to our new house, there were many happy recipients. Haha Mostly families with kids so now I don't worry who will eat the cupcakes I'm experimenting on or baking. 🙂

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