Battle Scars

Have you ever talked to a veteran or a soldier? My grandpa was a one. He would tell of stories of how they would protect their towns from the Japanese, Americans and other invaders. My father-in-law was one, too. You know what I admired the most about these soldiers while they were sharing their stories? How proud they were of their battle scars. “This one, I got this from fighting with…”, “This one when I was shot in the leg…” “This one was when I chased the…” The healed battle scars were acts of bravery of how they fought, overcame, won, and learned from their battles.

How often are we proud of our healed ‘battle’ or ‘bravery’ scars? Or maybe our wounds have not healed yet? Maybe we keep on taking care of them in such a way that they remain fresh. It’s time to be healed. Let those battle scars finally dry out so we can reach that point where we can tell stories, like a soldier would. “Oh that ‘scar’? I got it from a heartbreak…but I overcame with God’s help…” “This one? I got it when family fell apart, but with God’s grace, we were all restored.”

You can do it.

With God’s help, you can be healed.

Keep moving on, one day at a time.

*The photo here was when my son was cycling last Saturday. He bumped into a tree and got this tiny scar, but he acted as if a truck hit him. 😂 He was hesitant to try the bike again. So I told him the story of the battle scar/bravery scar. Then he told us “Okay, I consider this as my first bravery scar in riding a bike!” Then he sat on his bike again and kept moving. 💯

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. – Psalm 147:3

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