In 1966, Black Friday was first used when a stamp collector described to the police department the traffic jams and the crowded downtown stores. People began calling themselves sick the day after Thanksgiving to buy from the sales happening in stores because the products were half the price. Fortunately now, people don’t have to go through than needle anymore. Online stores have helped a lot of consumers buy items in one click without falling in line in long queues. You might see sites using WHITE Friday or WHITE November—well, they’re the same thing.

In this post, I’ll show you some of the top tech products of one of the online stores I’m going to feature this week. The first one will be NEWEGG, a tech site that sells products from office solutions, home tech to gaming accessories. I will also be giving links to some coupons you can use from Slickdeals where you can get 69% off from some of the products. Are you ready? Let’s start looking at the top products they have.

Top 10 Tech Products to look out for in NEWEGG’S Black Friday Sale

1. Newegg Laptops

Black Friday Sale Newegg Laptops
NewEgg laptop deals

Black Friday Sale for tech products of course, always includes laptops. You can choose from Newegg’s range of laptops like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, and  MSI for gaming laptops.


2. Newegg Hard Drive Dock

Multi-function hard drive docking stations for those who need space in  their computer. Wavlink hard drive docking stations.

Black Friday Sale NewEgg Hard Drive Dock deals
NewEgg Hard Drive Dock deals

3. Newegg Printer Cartridges & Toners

Black Friday Sale Newegg printers and toners
Newegg printers & toners

Office printer cartridges & toners are also available. Other office essentials can also be purchased on the site.

4. Newegg Family tech supplies

Black Friday Sale Newegg Home Deals
Newegg Home Deals


Televisions and robotic vacuums anyone? Some appliances, let’s admit it, have really made our lives easier. You can find induction cooker, personal blender and other robotic vacuums on the site. It’s a perfect gift for moms if you ask me.

5. Newegg Nintendo Games For Kids

Black Friday Sale Newegg Nintendo DS
Newegg Nintendo DS

Looking for gifts this Christmas? Well, for kids, these Nintedos can bring kisses to your cheeks for sure.

6. Newegg Car Accessories

Black Friday Sale Newegg deals car accessories
Newegg deals-car accessories

How about for dads you may ask? Well, Newegg also has car accessories. Great gifts for dads, uncles, or brothers with cars.

7.  Newegg Health & Sport Products


Black Friday Sale Newegg deals fitness
Newegg deals fitness

For your friends who loves taking care of their health and are into sports, these products are very useful to excite them to keep going. More Newegg fitness deals here.

8. Newegg Design and Art Products

Black Friday Sale Newegg deals tablet
Newegg deals-Graphics Pen Tablet

For your friends and families who love drawing and crafts, there are products like 3D pens, calligraphy nibs, looms, yarns, and even party supplies.

9. Apparel & Accessories

Black Friday Sale Newegg deals apparels & accessories
Newegg deals- apparels & accessories

If you are looking for fashionable items, they also have those. From watches, earrings, bags, all those other gift items you can give this Christmas are there. If you already have the budget, you can avail these items this coming Black Friday Sale.

10. Newegg STEM Toys

Black Friday Sale Newegg deals STEM Toys
Newegg deals- STEM Toys

Last of the list for the this year’s Black Friday sale are the STEM toys. These toys are my favorites on the site. It is difficult to find these kind of toys here in Saudi Arabia. People mostly get them online. You can check out all the STEM TOYS from NEWEGG and get coupons and be updated with the deals by downloading Slickdeals app .


While some deals are already available, most of Newegg’s deepest discounts will be from 25th of November until the 30th. You can also receive shippings faster and have free return options by being a Newegg Premier member. You can try it for 3 months for $19.99 before Black Friday begins.


  • A treat for students! Verify your student email to enjoy $20 off the Newegg Premier membership.
  • Watch for free shipping. If you’re on the fence about one product or another, a free shipping offer might be enough to tip the scales.
  • Register ahead of time with Newegg so you can quickly access your account when the time comes. You’ll also get access to exclusive email offers and discounts.
  • Look for the BLACKFR promo code on certain products in the ad to snag additional discounts on sale prices.

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