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Some of the members in the group I am part of informed me that they left a comment on my post. I did not receive notifications and thought that maybe there was just a lag on some of the messages or there were technical issues. After 2 days and still no notifications. I then browsed the post (not from my site’s dashboard, but the actual post and to my surprise there were comments left there.

I saw that the comments were posted via the Facebook social media plugin. I don’t usually use extra plugins, I’m happy to use Jetpack and all the other native plugins from WordPress because I don’t want to be bothered by plugin errors (like this one). These plugins are like kids you add in your site. They don’t always agree with other plugins and may clash with each other. The more plugins, the more headache at times so I tried to stick to the important ones only because I’m more focused on the writing part.

For a long time. I mean, as in maybe a year or more, I have had no idea that I haven’t been receiving notifications for comments done on my blog via Facebook social media plugin. 😭

The result?

I was not able to reply to the comments and inquiries of readers on my posts. Some even dated years ago. Oh, my. I’m so sorry if you asked things and there was no reply. I had no idea at all.

(Okay, if you are not into blogging, you might find this post nonsense, please skip and read other posts in this blog 😂 Try these: FRIDAY FINDS #7, STARTING YOUR BUSINESS IN THE PHILIPPINES, 21+ WAYS TO HAVE EXTRA INCOME IN JEDDAH For those who blog, I know this is important to you.

Read on.

Searched for answers

So, I searched on how to be notified via the FB comments social plugin. This is the link I followed:

By Saiyad Rasikh

Shorter way: 

  1. Open this url (am assuming you are signed into Facebook and is administrator of your Facebook app):
  2. Click on settings
  3. Add yourself (or any of your friend/employee) as moderator.

Lengthier way: 

  • Click on ‘Moderation Tool’ on any of your blogpost’s facebook comments.
  • You must be on Facebook developers page now. On this page, you must be seeing something like ‘your app name’ > ‘the blogpost title’ (from where you clicked moderation tool). Here click on your app name.
  • On this new page, click on settings.
  • You must be seeing a modal now. Add yourself (or any of your friend) as moderator here. 

It turns out, I should add myself as an admin and activate the notifications settings on Facebook. I didn’t even remember activating this plugin. I rarely add plugins and extensions on my blog. I don’t want to maintain them and they keep on creating errors. I don’t have time and skills to fix them. So, when it comes to plugins, call me a minimalist.

When I checked all the messages, it was disheartening to see unread comments and inquiries from people. I am really sorry.

Just like Facebook inbox

Remember that time when you discovered that you have a second inbox in Facebook? Yeah, you have. Check out how to access them here. I remember when I also had unread messages there from 2-3 years back! Those were business opportunities and clients asking inquiries! 😞

What I did

I deactivated the plugin. Unfortunately, deactivating it removed all the comments done from that plugin.

I prefer the aesthetics of the one included in my theme.

That’s all. We’ll see how we can make it work next time. Maybe next time, for now my theme’s comment section works out just fine.

Have you had a similar experience before with Facebook Social Media Plugin or any WordPress plugin? Share them below. =)

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