Book Quotes | The Realm Follows (A Game of Thrones)

Where the king goes, the realm follows. “- Catelyn, A Game of Thrones

It is true that when a king is present in a place, the culture of his kingdom is seen.

When you go to Saudi Arabia, the whole place speaks of the kind of kingdom, culture, and character the king has. The same thing when you go to England, to Brunei, and to other countries with kings.

The presence of the king is the presence of his kingdom

As I was reading this line from the book A Game of Thrones, I was reminded of what God had in his mind for earth. He wanted the the heavenly culture of the kingdom of heaven to be present on earth. That was God’s original plan for earth and for man. For man to rule on earth according to God’s ways.

Unfortunately, when man fell into sin, this rulership over earth was given to Satan. Man had to work for earth to produce. Man became under the yoke of sin. Evil ruled and deceived man every passing day.

Redeeming the kingdom

God made a way through Jesus. He wanted man to get back what he lost. When Jesus came and died on the cross. His death and blood became the payment of sin. He got back what was lost. When he rose from the dead after 3 days, we rose with him.

Now, we have this authority back. We have been freed from Satan’s burdens and slavery. Many people though, are still not aware that they should not be a slave of sin and fear anymore. They are still living lives as defeated and depressed people while God had already given answers to their problems.

The Kingdom of God in You

When you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you and that he won you back from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, you would then manifest the culture of the kingdom of God as a citizen of his kingdom. You will start displaying righteousness, peace, and love because that is what God’s kingdom speaks of.

The Expansion of the Kingdom

The presence of the King in your life, manifests in everything you do. In the way you speak, in the way you deal with people. His kingdom expands through you and through anyone who accepts him as Lord.

If the presence of the King is in you, his character, his kingdom comes and should show in you.


Where the king goes, his realm follows.

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