Chatime Jeddah

I was in Balad, Jeddah two weeks ago and I found out that there’s Chatime there. It’s a small café type set-up where you can buy Milk Tea drinks and other refreshing juices.

It’s my first time to try store-bought milk tea. I usually just make one using Lipton tea, Boni milk, and them I add sugar and some chia seeds.


Chatime has this well-lit aura that reminds me of coffee shops in the Philippines. That’s also because the staff working there are Filipinos. Inside is a long table against the wall enough to accommodate around 7-10 people. It is small which is why it is advisable to just buy and go from the store.

There are so many flavors to choose from. All you have to do is decide if it is hot or cold drinks, choose a flavor then tell the toppings you want to be put inside.


They taste good, as what shakes should taste? It reminded me of Zagu shakes I used to drink back in college. The pearl and jellies make all the difference. Be sure to have toppings when you order.


Prices range from 14-18 riyals. Almost close to the prices of other coffee shops around.

Quick Tour:

Watch the quick tour inside Chatime in this short video I made.


chatime jeddah location

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