Choose Life

Everyday in my social media, there is literally an announcement of someone’s death. When the year started, it was nothing, but as the year comes to its end, this news can be really be depressing at times. I know you have also seen these news in your newsfeed or maybe have even experienced it in your family, but if you are still alive-keep choosing life.

Let us keep choosing the way of life. Every action that leads to life, from the food we eat to the decisions we make, let us choose the ones that leads to “life” and not one that could lead to our destruction.

This year has been really tough, but we keep on holding on to God and to his promise of life, not just here on earth, but an eternal life with Him after.

Let me share with you this great devotional from Derek Prince:

It’s so important that we have a positive attitude toward life – that we are not negative, that we are not pessimistic, that we are not death-oriented. I’ve discovered in many people’s lives that one of the most crucial mistakes that a person can make is to say something like this: “I wish I were dead.” You know that a death wish opens the way for all sorts of dark and negative forces to come swarming into your mind and to begin to take you over, and what began as an idle wish can end as a tragic happening.

In the words of Moses to the children of Israel he said, “Behold, I set before you this day life and blessing, death and cursing, therefore choose life that you and your descendants may live.” Do you realize that life requires a choice? We cannot submit to circumstances in passive indifference and say, “What comes will come.” God says, “I’ve set a choice before you. On the one hand, life and blessing; on the other hand, death and cursing.” When God sets a choice before us, we have to make that choice. To make no choice is to choose, choose wrong. So choose life that you and your descendants may live.

—Derek Prince

Have a great day ahead!

P.S. My blog has been hacked recently and I lost photos and some 2020 posts. If you don’t see pictures in the old posts, that is the reason why. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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