My 11-year-old son follows a consistent morning routine. He wakes up somewhere between 5:00am and 6:00am. He either checks his phone, drinks hot milk, or just does some crafts to until 6:00am comes. At 6:00am, he would get his bike and go around the subdivision. One by one, his friends would join him and they would go around the neighborhood in bikes. Even when school started, he still tries to bike before going to school if there’s enough time.

When other people notices your consistency

One day, I used his bike and a group of old ladies who always walks from 5:00am-6:00am asked me “Where’s Jacob? That’s his bike, right? I didn’t know you’re his mom.” On another occasion, I met a mom who lives in the same subdivision as ours and while exchanging stories, I shared that my son is one of those who goes around in bike in the morning. She said “Yes, I know that boy. I always see him in the morning.” The list goes on of all the stories of people I have met here in our place, who knew my son as “The boy who consistently bikes in the morning.” They don’t personally know him, but they know him for what he consistently does.

What are we known for?

Truth be told, we are known for what we constantly do. Our reputation is somehow built on our consistent actions, regardless of whether those actions are perceived positively or negatively.

“Ah, yeah,  I know him. The one who always come to school late.”

“Oh, she’s the one who always shares her food.”

“Oh, that employee always gets into a fight.”

“I know that person. I can always count on him”

“Don’t be friends with her. She will eventually ask you for money once you are close.”

“He never answers his phone.”

“He doesn’t bend the rules.

“She will do anything (even if it is against the law) so she can have what she wants.”

Do you understand what I’m saying? People, whether we like it or not, will associate us with the things we constantly DO OR NOT DO. For example, if we are known to be always early. People close to us will be curious if something happened to us the moment we are a minute late. Similarly, if someone spreads gossip about us being selfish, others might come to our defense, suggesting that it could be an isolated incident since we typically display a generous nature.

Be excellent in doing what is good, have nothing to do with evil

This is why it is very important that we are aware of the mark that we consistently leave wherever we go. We don’t have to lie or fake it, either.  If there is something that we’d consistently do, may it be the good, the excellent, the noble things in this world. We can’t do it alone, that’s is why we have the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God that lives in those who believed and received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  The Holy Spirit guides us in all truth. The truth about God.

It has been raining all day and I feel like closing this post by sharing this song I’ve been listening to lately. The title is Back To Your Heart by Victory Worship. Perfect background sound in a rainy weather like what we have today. Enjoy listening! 

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