CRAFTS| DIY Minimalist Notebook

Most filipino moms here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia buy the basic school supplies like notebooks, pencils, and crayons from the Philippines (if there’s a chance). Mainly because the supplies in the Philippines costs lower, but are of good quality.

I asked my brother-in-law to purchase notebooks from the Philippines for my kids while he was on vacation.

He got these colorful notebooks from SM department store, but they didn’t have plastic jackets so my husband thought of covering them.

In Jeddah, most notebooks that you’ll purchase have plastic covers already, but the ones with springs don’t have covers.

So we, okay, just my husband 😁, bought some materials to cover redesign the notebooks.


  • white A4 200grams (the thick paper that feels like the one used for cards),
  • Self-adhesive book covers
  • cutter


  1. Print the necessary information (name, section, grade level, subject) on the white paper.

  2. Cover the notebook with the printed design.

  3. Cut the self-adhesive cover according to the size of the notebook.

  4. Cover the notebook with the plastic cover starting from the left or right edge. Slowly remove the paper side of the adhesive so the sticky part will cover the notebook.

  5. As you pull the plastic, smoothen the part that has stuck on the paper by pressing or sliding your fingers on them from top to bottom.

These plastic covers are available in most bookstores here or any souq/souk and stationery stores in Jeddah.

Looks so neat and minimalistic compared to the original cover.
This self-adhesive plastic cover already has a design.

A pack contains 12 self-adhesive plastic book covers. A piece of book cover can be used for 2 notebooks already.

There are options for plain or clear covers with textured patterns as designs. We chose the one with a pattern.

I found a sample of self-adhesive book cover on Lazada, but I find it to be too expensive.

If you need a video on how to cover these notebooks or books with self-adhesive plastic covers, you can watch this video on Youtube by Creating with Misp.

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2 thoughts on “CRAFTS| DIY Minimalist Notebook

  1. I am not sure we have self-adhesive plastic book covers here, but this one sounds great because I have a 9 year old who’s been redesigning the covers of the notebooks we give him because he’s turning them into books,hehe. He’s been writing a la Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

  2. I love the minimalist look of your notebook. In our school, we have option to buy notebook in school with logo or bookstore. I used to buy in school para isang pagod na lang but I realized, mas mura pa rin sa labas. I haven’t tried the self-adhesive cover, feeling ko kasi mahirap ikabit so baka masayang lang.

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