How To Create a Logo/Text Overlay Using Keynote in Less Than 5 Minutes

Keynote is a great Mac application that is often ignored by users. Aside from presentations (Like that in PowerPoint), you can also maximize Keynote by using it to make professional videos! If you are interested to know how, you can check this course in Udemy on How to Quickly Create Professional Videos Using Keynote.

Why Use Keynote?

Ease. Maybe you don’t like working with Photoshop, especially if you just need to do a simple text or logo. Photoshop is a powerful editing tool for photos and creating texts and graphics, just like CorelDRAW: Graphic Design, Illustration and Technical Software, GIMP, Pixlr, and many more, but it can be complicated for beginners and people who just need to create simple logos and image/text overlays for their projects. Plus, the seconds it takes for these editing tools to open and save can take time for such a small project that you are trying to create.

No internet connection. Canva is another online tool you can use to make logos, but if you don’t have connection, this is where Keynote can be handy.

You can use the .png file as a watermark for your photos

Here, you can create images or text overlays with transparent background (save as .png file) using Keynote. You can use this as watermark or text overlays for your videos and photos in iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

Here’s a video on how to do it:

If you are using PowerPoint, you can watch this video: (This video is by EditTutorials14 :How to Make a.PNG file Using PowerPoint

Other Udemy Courses:

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18 thoughts on “How To Create a Logo/Text Overlay Using Keynote in Less Than 5 Minutes

  1. I’m not a MAC user but this is such a big help to MAC users esp. to those who vlogs. The video is easy to follow and you can easily create logo and text overlay. I didn’t know pwede rin pala gumawa ng .png pics sa powerpoint ang cool! Love mo pala si Avril Lavigne momshie, hehe!

  2. Nice, the video is so easy to follow. I always use Canva for editing because wala din ako alam sa Photoshop. 🙂 I don’t have Mac laptop but I checked my phone and may keynote app, matry nga.

  3. I love Canva! Been using it on my blog and YT thumbnails. I love how convenient it is kasi pwede akong mag edit using the app on a smartphone.

    1. Me, too Everything I design is Canva made. hahah But there are times that my connection is just really slow that going to just won’t work. So, I had to look for another option that don’t require connection, but I keep in mind the designs I saw in Canva. =)

    1. Ako din. Yung medyo user-friendly lang ginagamit ko at hindi matagal mag-load lalo na for simple designs. Most of the time, I just really use basic text and backgrounds. =) I’ve seen Pxlr din. Ok siya. =)

  4. Thank you for this. watched the powerpoint video instead. Great help. It’s nice that there are the likes of you who share their knowledge about technical things or about graphics. Not everyone are knowledgeable about these two topics.

    1. Thanks Berlin. I know this can be too basic for some, but I find that other people might need it (the way I needed it when I was looking for a way on how to do it). There are also other videos available on the web, I just want to try to explain it in a simpler way. Plus, I’m practising my video editing skills. haha

  5. I really love the Mac applications I wish it’s available to Windows user din, the video is also helpful to Mac users who are having hard time using this application. Great job!

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