Cupcake liners, stands and toppers in Jeddah

It has been a long time since I’ve been to Bashawat, a thrift store that sells products or items for a really, really low price. Most of the small items(school supplies, party needs, household items)range from 2-10 riyals. The large ones (frying pans, appliances) from 15 onwards.

For baking fanatics, you’ll be happy to know that they now sell cupcake liners, toppers and tiers for almost just 10 riyals. The cupcake liners vary in designs. They have the simple cupcake liners for 10 riyals with around 200 plus liners. The new ones are very colorful and elegantly designed, as you can see in this photo here. You’ll have a hard time choosing the color you want.
IMG_5446There are also boxes with cupcake liners and toppers with theme. This one is owl themed, so the toppers are owls.
IMG_5447The tiers. If you just need a simple stand for your cupcakes, then go for these tiers for 10-12 SR each This is far less expensive than that of Wilton’s and Cake Decorations which costs from 50SR to 100SR! Again, it’s a simple stand, if you need it for home use, then you may stick to this one.



So, where is Bashawat? It’s near the bicycle landmark. Here is the exact location:

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 12.01.19 AM

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