Cupcakes for Artists

I was planning to give these cupcakes to a friend who loves painting. It was his birthday, but the taste of the chocolate cupcake I made from scratch was a total fail. The after taste of the cupcake due to the baking soda overpowered the cupcake’s overall taste. I don’t usually add baking soda to my cakes/cupcakes because I don’t like the taste it gives. I did not follow my instinct and added it and I just didn’t like the taste at all that I decided not to give it.

Anyway, the fondant topper came out really nice so I’m sharing it here. =)

Here’s how to make an artist’s palette fondant topper:

Step 1: Use a circle cutter (orange cutter) to cut fondant into circles.  I actually forgot to take a photo of that. You can use any circle cutter or container lids if you have.

Step 2: Get any piping tip, then cut the upper right part so it would look like the c-shape edge of the palette.

use the other end of the piping tip

Step 3: Using the Wilton tip #12, place a whole

Wilton tip #12

Step 4: Using the Wilton tip #12, make small circles out of different fondant colors. Here, I used red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and black.

Step 5: Arrange the different colors on the palette according to the order you like. You can also flatten them a bit by using your fingers so the paint will look a bit irregular in shape like in real life.

Step 6: Add frosting on the cupcake.

Step 7: Place the fondant topper on top of the frosting.

I hope this gives you an idea for your next cupcake projects. =) Have you done something like this? You can post your link here so I can see it. I’d love to share it here. =)

Some of the items used in this cupcake topper: (You can buy ready-made fondant with different colors from Wilton)

If you are in Jeddah, you can visit: Cake Decoration Center, Jeddah where they sell fondant in different colors (pink, white, black, brown, blue, yellow, and green). You can also try Cake Arts Jeddah,  but they have limited fondant colors. Bakemate, Jeddah also provides gum paste and fondant. They sometimes go on sale for Silky Magic fondant which can only cost 10 riyals per kilo.

In the Philippines, WheninManila provided an Ultimate list for stores that sell baking supplies. Here it is: Where to Buy Baking Supplies in the Philippines: The Ultimate Store …

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12 thoughts on “Cupcakes for Artists

  1. That is brilliant! Lovely idea! Did you at least give your friend one cupcake? He would sure have enjoyed the look and appreciated the effort if not the taste. 🙂

    1. Oh no. 😅 I’d do it again next time. 🙂 Now that you’ve asked me, it makes me think I should have given or at at least shown one. 😂

  2. Sayang ang cupcake, this is really nice. I’m sure your friend will like this and will appreciate your effort. You should ask someone to taste your cupcake, sometimes kasi masarap naman pala, tayo lang ang di satisfied. 🙂 I think my banana cake recipe have baking soda din pero hindi ko naman pansin yung difference pag wala baking soda. hehehe!

    1. It was just too bad talaga. haha kung medyo konti lang yung taste na iba, ibibigay. hahaha It was just really baad..hahaha I did ask someone to taste it. =)

  3. Wow! Angcute sis! How I wish I also how this talent. I agree sa baking soda after taste, after trying 3 times na magbake from scratch palaging ganun (hehe) so bumibili nalang ako ng ready mix hahaha! I love your topper super cute ng idea!

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