Dinosaurs Island Park, Clark

Last week, my husband and I brought our kids to Dinosaurs Island Park in Clark, Pampanga.


It was a fun experience for kids. They get to see life-size dinosaur models and most of them looked so real. Here are some of the photos below.

The Dino show was the best part. It included dancing dinos and it was thrilling because the dinosaurs would come near you. Although you know it’s just a costume, it would still make you scream. There’s also Wonders of the World where you can see the famous wonders of the world in miniature size. There’s another show in Insectlandia where the characters in Bug’s kingdom have a story or a short skit. It was a bit cringy because it was a love story and even my kids felt awkward at the whole show. They should have just used a storyline where friendship is the focus instead of love story given that the audience they have are kids.

You can watch the whole trip on my Youtube channel:

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