Discipline. We don’t see it that often anymore.

From following street lights to waiting for our turn in a queue, one sees who is disciplined and who is not.

From the moment we wake up to the time we lie down in the evening, we can pinpoint the things that we do where we lack discipline and where we have one.

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge. We try to help ourselves by learning ways on how to discipline ourselves.

For a moment, all discipline seems painful. We discipline our body and train it to do things even if it doesn’t want to. Like eating vegetables, we don’t like them, but we know they are good for us and the fruit of it is having a healthy body.

The same with other things that we do that strengthens and helps us improve. We don’t like it at first, but it bears great fruit not only for us but for others too.

But later it yields fruit. We keep doing things. We keep practicing the right thing until we eventually see the fruit. We can keep doing the wrong thing and it will just give wrong results. Only when we start seeing the fruit can we learn to appreciate the pain of discipline. 🙂

Be it the pain of self-discipline, or when someone else gives us a lesson on discipline-we keep accepting them as gifts. They don’t come very often. They are precious. We use them as motivations to help us improve.

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