Exhausted Yet Pursuing


Gideon is probably known as the one who doubted God’s power by asking many signs from God so he could be sure that it was really God who called him to lead his people to victory. It may have been a sign of weakness for him because he thought of himself as coming from the least of the tribes and the least of his father’s household. Obviously, God saw things differently for the angel of the Lord called him as a ‘man of valor.’

Even before the first battle itself, Gideon showed how afraid he was. This changed when he heard his enemies telling each other that the Spirit of God was with him(Gideon) and that they will lose because of this.

From that time on, he won every battle, mightily fighting for the people of God.

In Judges 8:4, this man of valor, proved his gratitude for God’s confidence in choosing him. Though he was tired, exhausted, thirsty, and even hungry, he kept pursuing his enemies to give God the glory. So that his people will once again believe that God loves them and sent someone to help them.


Are you exhausted? Yet pursuing…righteousness, peace, to keep the brotherly love alive, etc? Whatever it is…keep it up. For your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

The temporary sufferings on earth cannot be compared to the eternal happiness waiting for those who believe and receive Jesus, the one and only way to the father in heaven. 🙂

Maybe you’re like Gideon asking God signs and wonders just so he could believe. I pray that when God does give you the answer, you’ll passionately serve him to the end of your strength. 🙂

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