Family Game Night

My second son, Miguel, loves thinking of games for our family to play with and he sets a night and calls it Family Game Night, which usually happens on Tuesday nights.

I made a video of it on my Youtube channel:

While we were playing, I was reminded of how kids learn better when playing because they are more relaxed and not under pressure.

Word Game

The first game he made was a word game. He gave all of us a paper with two words. We then had to list all the words we could find using the letters from the two words. We gave it to him to check afterwards. Of course, he did not know some of the words we wrote because he’s 7, but he learned new ones because of it. For the win!

Snakes and Ladders

For a seven year old who hates writing, I was surprised that he came to us with a DIY hand-drawn Snakes and Ladders board. From 1-100! I guess when someone enjoys what he is doing, hard work doesn’t matter.


The kids couldn’t find their dice so they improvised by drawing 1-6 on a paper and using connect 4 coins.


Since they used two coins for the dice, they had to add up the numbers. At first, I wanted to tell the answer, but when they motioned adding with their fingers, I let them add by themselves since they were having fun. I was reminded to use play more often for math. Oh, what a relief it would be.

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Featured photo by: Thanks to National Cancer Institute @nci for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

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