Featured App: ESV Bible App + How To Use + Illustrations, Devotionals, and more

What’s your favorite Bible app? I’m currently using ESV Bible app and I made a (not-so 😂)quick tour of it to show you some of its features like: devotionals, illustrations, charts, maps, audio Bible, and more. 🙂 Enjoy!

I like it because…

It is minimal. 😂 What a huge reason to like it. 😂 Honestly, many years ago, my dad gave me an ESV Bible. A card came along with it telling me that there’s an app so instead of using a different one, I just downloaded the same version. (Don’t worry, I still refer to the KJV when needed in case you are worried that it might be far from the original text. ) 🙂

Free tools

You can go to www.crossway.org for free tools. You can have an account there which means all the highlights and notes done on your app will also be visible online.


There are many reading plans available in the app. Although, I rarely use that part, it is still nice to be inspired by the articles and devotionals from time to time. There is even a devotional about parenting. 🙂

Audio version

If you prefer listening rather than reading, there’s an option where the text can be read to you.

To know more about the app, here’s a video I made about ESV Bible app. Enjoy watching!

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