Flowers Methods Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Don’t be so bothered with the Flowers Methods name. Google might be the one to blame. 😁

Flowers Methods shop is where you can go for some basic gardening tools you need to start planting. It can be found just in front of the Jeddah International Market which for Filipinos is known as Sarawat because that is where Sarawat store can be found.

I’ve seen this shop my whole life but I have entered it for the first time just last week.

As I’ve said, if you are starting gardening as a hobby, this is a good place to start. You can buy pots, soil, seeds, even plants to maintain are.

A scoop of garden soil is 2-5 riyals.


The employee can speak English and he is knowledgeable about the gardening items (well, he should, right?) so it was easy to communicate what I wanted and you can even ask questions about gardening and he’ll give suggestions on ehat to do and how to improve it.

Here’s a quick tour of FLOWERS METHODS shop. You might see some of the gardening items you want.

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