Follow the Teacher

My four year-old started enjoying the How To Draw videos of Art for Kids Hub. In each video, a kid is with an adult and the adult shows how to draw step by step and the kid follows everything that the adult says.

While watching one of the videos this afternoon, I noticed that he kept looking at the kid’s drawing instead of the one teaching. Of course, even if it is a step-by-step video, the way the kid will draw will still be far from the one teaching. So, I told my son to focus on the teacher’s drawing instead of the student’s drawing to get a better result.

Sometimes, we do the same thing in our Christian walk. Instead of looking at how Jesus walked while he was still here on earth, we look at how leaders, famous people, friends, and other personalities who may seem to walk well. It is not bad to get inspired by them, but we will eventually see a flaw later on and this might stop us from walking in righteousness. We might even use this person to justify our wrongdoings. We might say “He is doing it and it’s okay, so why can’t I?”

This lowers our standard because we start to follow human standard instead of a godly standard. When we follow God’s standards, we will realize how hard it is to meet it in our own strength and that is when we see the need to ask help from the Spirit of God to help us overcome and face our day knowing that we can only do it with God’s help.

Let us shift our focus from looking at each other to looking at the Jesus today. Always ask ourselves, how did Jesus handle this? What did he do in this kind of situation? We will start to see better results by doing this.

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