Friday Finds #4: Blogs, Books, and Boys

Friday Finds is a themed post on my blog that gives a list of some of the helpful websites I’ve come across lately that I find interesting and useful. Instead of sharing them one by one per post, I try to collect some of them in one post. If you’ve missed the previous Friday Finds, you can check them out here:

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Here starts Friday Finds #4. I found some great blogs and some sites related to books and publishing. I also shared here some jobs and videos for kids.

Ann Voskamp blog

There are so many things to love about her site. First, her site’s design. I love it. If I am to change my site’s design (hopefully before the year ends), it will be somewhat like hers. Second, she’s a mother of more than 3 kids, an author, a homemaker, and many more. =) For inspiration, visit her site:

A great message from old women to young ladies

I like getting advice from old people. They’ve experienced much and have gathered wisdom than most age groups. Here, these old women expressed the importance of what really matters in the end: Family. Spending time with your kids and husband in the end is what cuts deep or what makes you happy and fulfilled. No amount of success can make you proud if your relationship with your kids and family members are at the edge of the cliff.

*video unavailable anymore

Alphabet occupations for kids

For once, it won’t just be A for apple. =) If you have kids who are studying lessons about jobs, here’s a good list of jobs from A-Z. Yes, they have a job for X! X-ray technician. =)


If you love writing books for kids and teens, here’s a site where you can publish it. Visit:

OMF Literature

Buy Christian books online from OMF literature Inc.. Perfect for Christmas gifts, in case you haven’t thought of one yet, why not give books? =)

Is Cleanliness Next to Godliness

This is a must-read.  There are those posts I wanted to write, but then she wrote it in detailed, so, I decided to just share it instead of writing another one. Sharing is caring! =)  Link is in the title or here: (Please read this if you are a mom, a wife, or soon to get married.)

CSM Publishing

Like OMF lit, this is another site to buy books online, especially if you are in the Philippines. =) Give books for Christmas, and recipients might use (and apply) it the rest of the year or more. =) Check out their materials:

 Stay prepared for your home move

I wanted to write an article about moving when I experienced the chaotic moving season last September. I didn’t have time to write it, but I found one that would help anyone who is planning to move to a new place. What are the things you need to prepare for? Like prepare to set aside food, clothes, and important things that you’ll constantly need for at least 2 weeks (I suggest more if you are a slow packer or if you are moving with kids because it will take longer days to just unpack and organize everything.)  =) Link: Stay prepared for your home move

List of public and private libraries in Jeddah by Jeddahmom

I’m glad that there’s this stirring up of readers happening in Jeddah lately. People here are lately being encouraged to read and have books. Unlike in other countries, where a school should have a (good) library before it can pass accreditation, here, libraries were not even part of most school’s design. A room will be allocated to be a library only during accreditation days. Sad. When I say room, like a bedroom-sized room while libraries in other countries take a whole building. =) Anyway, I grew up going to libraries when I was in the Philippines and when I came here, there was almost none (or like I said, just a room) in most international schools.
I’m just glad that now, people are getting the importance of reading. They’ll be reading the rest of their school lives, better to love it now or cry with them later when they are having a hard time coping up in school because they hate reading their books. So thank you to @jeddahreads and the reading community in Jeddah who are doing their best to help raise reading awareness among the kids in Jeddah. =)

Paano Ba Ito? videos By Bianca Gonzales

Bianca Gonzales is a famous TV host/personality in the Philippines. She wrote a book Paano Ba Ito? years ago and these videos on her Youtube channel are more like follow-ups or tidbits of “how to’s” for people who currently need advice in their situations.
Gonzalez Launches New Book: Paano Ba ‘To?! How to Survive Growing Up photo by: modernfilipina.phTrivia: In December 2007, she raised PHP 36,000 through her blog website for UNICEF’s 100-book library program.
On 10 December 2013, her continuous support for Typhoon Haiyan survivors landed her the 6th spot in The Huffington Post[2] 6 Celebrities Who Remind Us to Not Forget Typhoon Haiyan Survivors Too Soon alongside other international celebrities such as Victoria and David Beckham, Pau Gasol, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Justin Bieber. -Wikipedia 
Here’s one video of her Paano Ba ‘To?! series. Most of them are just 5-minute videos, but I’m pretty sure you’ll learn a lot

Canva is a site where you can easily design materials for your site. I don’t have time to learn and explore Photoshop as of the moment and Canva helps me big time when it comes to pre-made designs. It’s just drag and drop and edit text and colors that I do in most designs. This site has been very helpful to me especially in making featured images for my blog and all the other social media posts. =)
If you have time and would like to learn how to design, they have free tutorials on Canva.

Sid the Science Kid: Going Green

Yeah, I’m that kind of mom who lets her kids watch Youtube,  BUT I’m selective (very selective) of the videos they watch and I let them watch for a limited time only.  I choose what they can watch. I’ve seen too many inappropriate videos out there. You think it’s Spiderman singing nursery rhymes, but in the middle, he’s kissing Elsa or hitting another character with his fist. He even broke Elsa’s arm! There’s even one video where the kid breaks things non-stop as if enjoying it. It’s really bad.  Then you’ll see kids doing the same thing with their friend s and their things.
I appeal to parents to be aware of what their kids, especially what their toddlers watch. Youtube displays continuous videos and before you know it they’re already watching videos that are meant to be watched by adults. You may think that they’ll see it in the real world anyway, but no…kids, when given something that they are not yet ready to digest become curious and use what they’ve watched without weighing things or consequences. So we give them little by little until their brain is ready to process chunks of information. Let’s make the most of the technology we have. Of course we can’t watch them forever, so we teach them what is good and bad so they’ll know when the videos are not good to watch anymore.
When they are older they can decide what to watch, but for now, I choose most of the videos. They also ask permission if they can watch a certain video and sometimes I decline and explain to them that those videos are for adults or teenagers and they agree to watch it when they are older. I usually choose those related to their current lessons in school so it will act as a reinforcer. I also limit their screen time.
Anyway, though the characters look a bit weird here, the lessons were well presented in a way that kids understand them. These are science videos and I found my kid explaining the whole process of how water from the sea ends up in our sink after watching these videos. After letting kids watch Youtube videos or any video, always try to discreetly follow-up (if not immediately, at least within the day) what they’ve watched so you can check how they’ve understood the videos. These are also times of corrections or clarifications in case they did not understand certain ideas and need help in putting up things together.


Read and download books and magazines for free. Search for a specific book or category and you’ll find endless books. You can even download them!


The videos here help kids start to read. The goal of the Super Readers is to follow the storyline to solve the problem. As they progress through the events of the story, they encounter obstacles, which can be solved by applying their literacy skills to change the story. You can check out their videos: SuperWhy SuperReaders

Al Shaya Job vacancies

Here’s the list of job positions offered by different Al Shaya companies.
Al Shaya has been a pioneering force in the retail franchise sector, using their exceptional market knowledge and experience to grow at pace across MENA, Russia, Turkey, Europe and beyond. Some of Al Shaya brand partners. So, if you are looking for a job, you can browse this list of job positions in Al Shaya.
That’s all for this Friday Finds #4: Blogs, Books, and Boys. I hope these sites can help you. If you want to read more Friday Finds posts in the future, be sure to subscribe below or follow this blog on other social media accounts.
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  1. I like Canva, gamit na gamit ko siya sa blog and social media. How I wish, nalaman ko na siya agad nung nagstart pa lang ko magblog. I did not know that OMF has an online site, thanks for sharing that.

  2. I like your list, Ann Voskamp blog I would love to try these because I am planning to improve my blog soon. The Alphabet occupations for kids yan lagi ang pinapanood ni Zd at marami pa silang nakakatuwa na mga educational videos for toddler.

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