Friday Finds #6: Mobile Apps | McDo + Moleskine+ Amino + Influenster

Friday Finds is a themed post on my blog where all the helpful sites, products, or apps I’ve seen around lately are featured.

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Download the app and get 2 free MINI ASIAN SANDWICHES when you register. There are also other promos you can avail but you have to purchase at least 40SR worth of order. There are freebies from time to time which are great for kids. You’ll have to read carefully before redeeming a promotion and check if the promo is for take out or dine in.

McDonald’s app
Different offers


If you are into journaling and notebooks, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy Moleskine app where you can type/write on journaling notebooks. There are options for dotted, ruled, squared, and storyboard formats for the notebooks in the app. It’s free and available for phones and ipad pro. 🙂
There are pros and cons, though. 
+ It looks pleasing to the eyes. Aesthetically, for any minimalist, the design is simply great.
+The Storyboard layout is great for those who needs to create scenes or sequenced stories.
+Plain is great for drawings and sketches.
+It is compatible with Apple pen.
-I find it hard to use when adding text. I downloaded both for iPadPro and iPhone, it’s easier for iPadPro to write on because of the Apple pen, but I find it difficult to manage moving the texts and aligning them on the ruled and squared layouts.

This picture below is an example of the text layout I was talking about. The first line was aligned with the lines, but the second line to the third did not because I typed it and it was considered as one whole text, but you just have to adjust manually the size and font which takes a little time. If you need a paper background, then this Moleskine app is a nice download.


If you are into crafts, DIY, and other creative hobbies, you might have heard of Amino app. I’ve heard of it years ago, but I just decided to download it around 2-3 months ago.

+Great for artists and creators.
+You’ll be able to interact with a lot of creative people of the same niche (music, arts, photography, gardening, crafts –It was limited to that back then, but now, you can find almost all categories there.)
+Because the groups you join are specific, the people who look and comment on your posts are really interested and they leave meaningful and interesting comments.

-Overwhelming notifications. Since there are many interactions, you’ll get too many notifications so I suggest that you either limit the group you’ll join into or manage your notification settings.


Is a community where where you can see product reviews and where you can also provide your own honest reviews about the products you use. This is also where brands find people who can promote their products through social media.

You can apply for the VoxBox in Influenster and if approved, they will send you products to review for free. I got a MaxFactor make-up set to review months ago. It took time to arrive because I was in Saudi Arabia. If you are in America, it’s easier for you to be included in campaigns (which means you’ll have chances of receiving more products).

Sounds good? Well, if you are interested to get free products to review, use my referral link here: 

I hope you find these apps useful. I won’t make this post too long. There are other sites and apps I’ve discovered lately, but I’ll have the others for the future posts.

I sometimes post these recommendations on my other micr-blogging sites( a.k.a social media sites). You can follow them below. =)

Have you used any of these apps above? How was your experience using them? Are there mobile apps you’d love to recommend?

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