Friday Finds #7| Youtube Channels, Great Reads, and Filipino For Kids

Friday Finds is a themed post on my blog where all the helpful sites, products, or apps I’ve seen around are featured.

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1. Katnipp Illustrations

Katnipp illustrations

I could spend the whole day watching her studio vlogs. That is because her studio is my dream creative studio. Her videos are full of baby pink, blue, and purple colors, and though I am not fully into that all the time, I love how she shows the process on how she does her products. GOALS!!! One of her videos appeared on my Youtube feeds and I subscribed while watching half of the video. =)

Katnipp Illustrations

2. Jordan Clark

Another rising Youtube talent suggested by Youtube channel. If you love paper, diy, crafts, and everything cute–watch her videos. =) Nothing but cuteness- matured type of cuteness, you know what I mean? If you love journaling, you should definitely check out her page.

I just love watching her videos, although I am pretty sure I won’t be going anytime soon towards her style. She uses many items on some of her works, and I think as of the moment, I don’t have that much time to spend on adding other tiny stuff on my notebooks. From time to time maybe, but not everyday. Most of the time, I just really want to start writing on my notebook. Designing it too much lessens my time to write, but I must say I’ve really gotten great ideas on her on how to use notebooks and what to write on them. Like her, I don’t just keep one notebook. I have several notebooks for journaling, drawing, writing lyrics, noting down quotations that I love, business ideas, and many more. I thought it was weird that I did that, but when I saw that she has notebookssssss for different categories, I was saying “see? see? that’s why there shouldn’t be just one notebook!” Yeah, that’s me justifying why I have more than three notebooks. I love her videos. They are so calming to watch. =)

Jordan Clark

3. Mikael Daez

Youtube has lately been filled with vlogs of celebrities. Partly, I’m happy for the celebrities because they have found an avenue where they can freely show their fans what really happens behind the camera, and that’s good + business for them. Half of me cares for the creators who are not celebrities. They have invested great effort in building a name in a place where networks have no hold on them, where they can be famous for their talents and not just because of their looks. 

Mikael Daez

So, yeah, let’s go to Mikael. =) I used to watch his segment in GMA news about food trips and reviews. I love how he described his food using words and comparisons that people could easily relate to even if you haven’t tasted the food yet.  I was writing food reviews that time so it was really helpful to me.

I just recently found out he has a channel (again, suggested by YT) and I subscribed the moment I saw his travel video with Megan. I love how raw the videos are, especially the old ones. The new videos are better with Mario Brother’s sound and visual effects. It’s as if he’s still on TV doing a travel segment.

4. Fear of Youth

“What is happening to our young people? They disrespect their elders, they disobey their parents. They ignore the law. They riot in the streets, inflamed with wild notions. Their morals are decaying. What is to become of them?”

We See the Children as Pestilent, The Guardian

This is something worth reading. It breaks my heart that this is a sad truth that is happening, not only in this generation, but the previous generations. People have had this fear of youth-fear of disciplining them- fear of minding their business, etc.

It is a challenge for parents to really raise kids who will grow to have respect for people and not just the elderly. May God help us! (Virtual holding hands with other parents- haha)

Here’s the link to the article:

5. Filipino Fairy Tales

Let’s admit it. As Filipinos, one of our lowest grades when in school can come from Filipno(aside from the deadly math) subject itself.  haha I’ve also heard of parents looking for ways on how to help their kids learn Filipino.

Since most fairy tales have love relationship, just be sure to choose the videos appropriate for their age. You can choose the “Pambatang Kwento” playlist or the “Animal Stories in Filipino” which have better storylines.

5. Bethel Kids Music

I honestly enjoy listening and watching them. There are days when my kids would watch them on loop. They try to copy the dance moves. I find the songs uplifting and the music very alive. I think my sons are a little confused with the age, though. He would often ask if they were still kids because the kids in the videos, though I believe are around ages 8-13, look more like teens. I had to explain they were kids and that they were wearing make up for production purposes only.

6. AC TV or @AC’slife

I’m not a fan of Kdrama (yet?) haha, but I watch AC’s videos because of the videos. I mean, the way it was edited, the way it was carefully put together?! No wonder he is considered a rising talent. 


Anyway, who is he? He is a student who makes videos related to Kdramas or Korean dramas. He visits places that you have seen in your favorite Korean dramas.

7. 15 Things that are common courtesy but are not so common anymore.

Bring courtesy back, please. Read this article: about  how common courtesy are not so common anymore.  

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