Fun with Cupcakes

I had visitors last Saturday. Johnesa, Kyne & Eden. They are my friends' daughters. Johnesa lives in the same building where I live while Kyne & Eden live outside and came to our place because their dads needed to do something in our building. I was baking cupcakes so I asked them to help me by putting the frosting ang sprinkles. I really enjoy baking cupcakes especially the decorating part, but I believe baking can be even more fun if done with kids!

Kids have wild imaginations. They see white frostings as clouds and sprinkles as rainbows. Adults see them plainly as sugary toppings adding fats to their bodies. Another reason why baking is fun with kids around is because they are always filled with amazement as you go step by step on the baking process. They fill the gaps with "wows", "oohhs", and "aahhs" as their questions receive answers as to how the cupcakes came to be. Finally, most kids eat any colored food. A cupcake's taste won't matter to them as long as it has their favorite cartoon character design on top or their favorite color of frosting thickly filling the whole cupcake.

After cooling the cupcakes, I gave a go signal to the girls and to the other kids who came later that night to get the cucake that they like. Oh, what a crazy sight! Haha! They all rushed and took a cupcake, held it close to them, ate and licked their frosting-filled fingers like they didn't care. :)) I did that too! Yeah, That's why baking is more fun with kids! Yummmmmmm!

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